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Glock 19 Question

  1. I've owned my Daniel Defense M4V11SLW for 4 years now but I've never owned a pistol. I also have a CZ Double Barrel shotgun. I'm now in the market for a Glock 19 for mainly home defense and periodic range fun. I've done a fair amount of research and I'm torn between getting the gen 3 or gen 5. I want my wife to able to shoot the gun and I've read that the gen 3 is not as ideal due to the grips. She's a petite 5'3". I'm planning to buy the gun from GlockStore in San Diego. I want to get the tactical trigger job on the gun to reduce the trigger pull to 3lbs. Since I'm doing this, I'm not sure if it even matters which gen I get. What's your guys input on the matter? Thanks.
  2. I own a GEN5 G19. And I love it. I've held and shot a lot of the older Glock, and found them to be uncomfortable and the older Gens tend to throw the casings at your face. Newer models have better internals and don't have this issue. Personally I'd get a Gen5 all day.

    Good luck dealing with GlockStore.
  3. Since you do not have any other Glocks, no need to standardize on one Gen or the other. I say get the Gen-5 since it does not have finger grooves, thus it’s compatible with your hands and your wife’s hands.
  4. Have you delt with GlockStore before? If you have another suggestion on a dealer, I'm all ears.
  5. I appreciate the input. The gen 5 sounds like the right choice.
  6. I've ordered a few parts from them. If the item is actually in stock, then you're fine. However both times I've placed an order with them, something has been sold out and It's been several weeks before my order ships. Their customer service doesn't exist either.

    Now this is coming from someone who cannot walk into the physical store itself. If you have that ability your experience will probably is different. But I'd check around with some local dealers 1st. Smaller places might be able to get you a better deal or be willing to work with you.
  7. I think you're probably right about gen5 being better for your wife in terms of grip.
  8. I own a Gen 3. I prefer my Glocks stock and it has been flawless. I have never handled a Gen 5 so I can't speak to that.
  9. I didn't think the Gen 5 was a option in California for civilians. Am I wrong on this?
  10. My vote goes to a Gen 3.
  11. Can you go to a range and maybe shoot both before she buys?
  12. I thought I saw this as well. If so, easy choice, gen 3.
  13. Since you’re buying in communist kalifornia is the gen 5 even on their stupid list as available for purchase?
  14. Yeah, its my understanding that is why Glock still makes the Gen 3. But, I could be wrong....I just don't think I am.
  15. You are unfortunately correct about CA and the gun.
  16. On Memorial Day I bought a G19 Gen 5 and the trigger is fantastic - so smooth - much better than the triggers on my G17 and G30 Gen 4 guns even after I did a 25 cent trigger job. I don't think the 19.5 will get the trigger job because it doesn't need it. Also the Gen 5 gives you the latest Glock improvements too. I bought the G19 on the Glock Veteran's Appreciation Blue Label program. The price of the 19 Gen 4 and Gen 5 was the same.

    Also very important - before buying any gun for anyone rent the gun and have them shoot it to see if it fits their hand and to see how they shoot it. Before I purchased each Glock I rented it 2 or 3 times just to make sure.
  17. Gen5 is not available to civilians in California as others have said.

    It would be my preference for the grip and mag release. Nothing wrong with Gen3 though.
  18. Wish I could. With all this chaos in the country, it's making it difficult to test the gun like I'd like. I treat several police officers at my office and they all confirmed that the G19 is a great home defense pistol so I trust them. Plus the research I've done confirms that as well. I'll have to find out if the gun works for my wife or not once I get it. If I have to buy another pistol that suites her, so be it. I appreciate your feedback on the G19!
  19. Do you like the mag release because you're a lefty? I agree that I like the gen 5 grip more but looks like I'm stuck with the gen 3 option since I'm in CA.
  20. Another thing to verify is that your wife can rack the slide of whatever pistol you decide to get. My wife has a bit of trouble with both my 19.4 & my 26.5. That is the main reason she decided to get a S&W M&P 380 Shield EZ. It wasn't my decision, but it works for her. I know there are some different methods that might make it a bit easier to operate, but she feels more confident with it & I know enough not to argue. I don't know if this one is an option in CA, but it is in OR.
  21. Yes, I'm a little worried about that. I'm sure she'll struggle a little bit. If the gun ends up being too difficult for her, I'll let her choose the next pistol. I want a G19 regardless lol Long overdo!
  22. For sure. But remember, they are like potato chips. You can't have just one. My 19 was lonely, so I had to get him a 26 to play with.
  23. Haha no problem with that. I've always wanted a Springfield 1911 but we'll see if I can veer away from the Glock family.
  24. I’d say the 380 ez isn’t a option in Ca. Isn’t there goal to not add any newer guns to the list and wait till the ones that are on it are obsolete and not available anymore.
  25. If possible, let your wife try operating and shooting the pistol before she buys it. I learned that about 30 yrs. ago when I bought my wife just the pistol she needed. She hated it and therefore it's been in her drawer for about 30 yrs.
  26. CA, since this is your first handgun, before you buy anything, take shooting lessons. Get the fundamentals down: stance, grip, sight picture and trigger control. Then it makes little difference whether you are shooting a 1911, Glock or KelTec or revolver. Both Pala and Oceanside have local USPSA Grand Masters that teach for a very reasonable amount. And the Glock store has sponsored shooters also, Austin Ariss, GM and Lenny Magill (jr) A Class. Being a Glock store, they will want you to get a Glock, but maybe a single stack instead of G19.


  27. Great advice given here, but.... best advice I can give?
    Move out of California!! Hard to believe that such Fascist gun laws can render the 2nd Amendment useless! (then again, my homestate, VT, borders another Fascist state: Mass, who have equally ridiculous gun laws!)
  28. You may also want to go to a shop and handle a Glock 48. Same overall dimensions as the 19 with a thinner grip making it easier for some to handle. Being in CA, 10 round mags won’t be a foreign concept either, which is what the 48 is limited to unless you get aftermarket.
  29. Gen 5 19 FS for the breech face cut.

    Ejection is vastly improved, especially for those that might limp wrist. I verified this with two new shooters and a variety of Glocks.

    Oops, just read the California posts.
  30. Pretty risky for someone to buy a gun, who has never shot much, without actually trying the gun with live rounds to see how they handle recoil, repeated shots and natural line of sight. At a bare minimum she should hold the gun, rack the slide and if they allow, dry fire a few times to see how things go. I know that some guns just don't seem right to me and others naturally feel good when I hold and fire them.
  31. I’ve been shooting handguns for years, I’ve just never owned one. My neighbor is a retired army sniper who taught my wife and I the ropes years ago.

    Love the Pala range. I use to be a member at Poway Weapons and Gear.

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  32. Welcome to 2020 with guns being sold out everywhere. My wife has shot handguns plenty. Like I said, if she doesn’t like it, I still want it and will get her another one. Thanks for your concern though.

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  33. Yeah,- 5th Generation. I shot my friend's G 19/5 and it worked better than any GLOCK I ever shot.
  34. Why is the 19 the go-to for everything, it seems?

    I would recommend the 48 or 43x for the wife. As I have stated, I do not have large hands, probably more like the size of a woman's (no shame here, I can't help it) and the 48's grip feels so much nicer to me than any double-stack design.

    As others have said, at least get a few different models in her hands, see what she feels and what she likes more than anything.
  35. I just started looking into the 43x, seems like it might be a better fit for her. Still sold out everywhere but I’ll have to have her shoot both.

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  36. Get the Gen5. All the improvements and amazing trigger.
  37. I've owned my Glock 19G3 the longest of all the Glock pistols I own. It is my SD/HD/SHTF go to weapon of choice. If you and your wife can try it before you buy it, rent the gun and handle it before buying so there will be no remorse. Enjoy and be safe.
  38. Gen3, no matter what. Even a Used one.
  39. Did you make that statement up on your own, or did you just try to regurgitate ridiculousness you read on the internet? Better internals, brass to the face...come on man, you’re better than that
  40. Didn't make it up, I have shot older Glock models. And just don't really care for them. I've found that the new models fit my hands better overall. And the ones that I did fire, tended to eject the casings towards me occasionally. It wasn't an every time occurrence, but it did happen. And my Gen5 G19 has yet to do that.
  41. OP, since you are in CA I think that you are going to be limited in your choice to a Gen 3 (like many have already posted) but with that said here is my opinion having owned 30+ Glock 19s (Gen 2, 3s, and 4s - havn't owned a Gen 5, yet!).

    For smaller hands, the Gen 4 and 5 are better suited due to the smaller grip option. No doubt. If you are stuck with getting a Gen 3 - you can have a grip reduction done on it. I have a grip reduction 26 that is perfect for me. A friend has a Glock 19 Gen 3 with a grip reduction that is fantastic, I keep pestering him about selling it to me. An officer I worked with had a grip reduction 21 that allowed the gun to be actually "shootable" for those of us who don't have gorilla hands.

    Two notable companies that do grip reduction are Cold Bore Customs and Bowie Tactical, I am sure that there are others too.

    Good luck.
  42. Same here. Hate 9mm in gen 3 and 4 due to BTF. My G19 gen 5 and G45 are awesome! Also my G23 gen 4....

  43. I'm new to semi's, and did quite a bit of looking around both on YouTube reviews of guns, as well as testing out different semi automatics at local ranges... I settled on a Glock 19, gen 3 (being in California, the choice of what generation was made for me)

    What I find really interesting is, when people are asked to recommend a first gun or a semi for a 1st time buyer, more often then not the Glock 19 comes up...

    And yet... the FBI, local police, and (I believe) some military all use the Glock 19! It's a testament to the gun that it's both recommended to new adopters as well as used by LEO's!

    It's a very dependable gun, easy to field strip, fairly easy to conceal (if that's a concern), easy to find parts and modifications, and just a great, all-around gun! Works great at the range, as well, not too small to control recoil.

    Problem these days is finding one! I got lucky and found a private seller who wanted to sell a NIB Glock 19, never fired. Took about two months of looking!

    So far, I'm very happy with my choice. (I purchased, and still own a S&W revolver 30 years ago, but this was my first semi) Good luck in whatever you decide!
  44. Both my daughters can rack and pull the trigger on a gen 3 Glock 19. They're both around 5'2" and one just hit 100lbs the other is about 115.

    The older one had no problems with manipulations but I had to show the younger one how to rack it close to her body. The one where you hold it pointing fwd high near your armpit, grab the slide with your other hand, then push the gun forward. She can get her hand around the frame enough to pull the trigger but it does require enough effort that she'll get tired after a couple of mags. The biggest issue for her is trigger reach. An alternative for her is my p226 with short reach trigger. Slide is easier to rack and trigger is single action (so she has to work the slide first, she can't pull the trigger dbl action) and it does get heavy for her holding it out for a long period of time. Her hands fit around single stacks ok but the slides are harder to rack.

    So... Glock 19 is the best overall fit for them right now.

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  45. "...her hands fit around single stacks ok but the slides are harder to rack."

    ??? Why would that be? Just curious.
  46. Definitely Gen 5 but skip the trigger work, all you need is night sights leave rest stock. If you decide later on you want lighter you can do it yourself.