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after the great success of my G36 ad i thought i would try this also.

A friend of mine is bored with his 1st gen glock 19 and is "entertaining offers".
He has 2 mags and around 1000 rounds of target ammo. I think this glock has shot a fair amount of rounds. It is however in great condition and has no issues with cycling. we haven't had a single malfunction.

what he was originally hoping for was to trade his 1st gen 19 for a 19 with an accessory rail, finger grove grip. basically trading his 1st gen for a 3rd gen and giving the ammo on top. i told him probably not going to happen, but you never know, right?

He isnt really sure what exactly it is he wants, but some things he IS interested are pistols with an accessory rail and 9mm or larger only.

I will try to get some pics soon.

Portland OR area.
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