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I just ordered a G-19 MOS (Olive Drab) and a Trijicon RMR 6.5 optic. I should be able to get the gun transferred to me from a local dealer by the end of this week if the shipping info is correct, and I'll be affixing the red dot this weekend. Can't wait!

Questions to anyone who has done this:

* I'm assuming the stock plastic Glock sights *cannot* co-witness with the RMR, and that I'd have to replace them with taller sights (and of course iron, cause iron should have been there in the first place), but would suppressor height sights be too tall actually?
* Would you recommend not absolute co-witnessing and instead going for lower 1/3 co-witness?
* What brand/model of replacement sights would you recommend?
* Or is the thought of trying to co-witness just kind if ridiculous and I should just remove the plastic sights and be done with it? I guess my thought there is that I would kind of like a backup in case the RMR dies.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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