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These do not commonly come up on GB.
I did not see any come available of the 8 prior sales I tracked in 2021.

The BIN is not small. None of the prior ones sold as much. Highest was $3280.00 for DA151.

So the handgun with original parts and 2 magazines. Finding a 1st series box will be only found through dedicated searching. Those boxes are extremely uncommon. 1st and 2nd are actually. Add another $500 or more for that and around $200 for the manual. Loader will probably be a thumb bump. Another tough item to source. No idea of price on those since I have no past sales.
I would just plan on spending $1000.00 to complete it. If you’re into that madness.

This would be a model a more advanced collector would have. LPs tend to be found more frequently.

DA Prefix Glock 17L Model-Press Me

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