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Glock 17 vs Glock 45 results..

  1. So I've been running my g45 and G17 head to head at my local virtual shooting range. They offer simulation targets which have 8 different rounds and random bullseyes you have to hit to gain points. This is my third outing. I have yet to ever run my G45 better than my gen 5 G17. I really enjoy the G45 but for some reason, presumably the shorter sight radius, I am not as accurate. Also, the G17 has more of a "push" feeling to it and the G45 more of a "snap" from what I can tell. What I find interesting is that if I just shoot paper they are basically identical to me, but when you add in moving, random targets the 17 is no-brainer better.

    Here's my results from today:

    G17 score: 5435
    Shots fired: 40
    Targets hit: 36
    Accuracy: 90%

    G45 score:5192
    Shots fired: 48
    Targets hit: 34
    Accuracy: 70.34%

    P365 score: 4603
    Shots fired: 45
    Targets hit: 32
    Accuracy: 71.17%

    I really love this G45, for some reason I am simply more accurate with the 17. I now am really curious how I'd shoot a G34. I do like the front serrations and the updates in the G17 FS model. I have the original G17, I might consider picking up a G17 FS an see how that runs. All in all, both are awesome, awesome firearms, but the G45 can't dethrone the G17 for now.

    Curious to hear how those of you with the 45/17/34 think they all compare. These are not carry guns for me, I have a 26 and P365 for that. Strictly competition/home defense use.
  2. Agree about the “push” vs “snap”. 17 is smoother and more balanced feeling to me.

    I got a 45 because I already had a 19mos, and I liked the idea of swapping the MOS slide onto the 45 full grip frame. Options are nice.
  3. That can’t be possible. When I asked about the purpose of the G45, everyone here insisted that sight radius doesn’t make a difference. Lol
  4. Haha, yes, they convinced me to buy a G45 as well. Fun experiment at the very least...
  5. Preach it. I’ve always said that if I shot a shorter pistol better than the long one then I’d walk away wondering what “I” was doing wrong. The possibility of it being the pistol would never cross my mind assuming they were equivalent quality/brand.

    Also, it is a known fact that shorter and lighter recoils more. I guess you can tell that I like G34s, G35’s, G40’s, G48s, etc.
  6. My friend shot one match with his then sold it. He specifically told me that he really liked it then I show up the next month and he’s holding a 34. Lol
  7. LOL. That is funny. I guess the honeymoon period wore off.

    By the way, do you think I would like a 34 even more than a 17? Strictly for home defense purposes.
  8. I gave the 45 a try, but sold it because it didn't do anything better than my Gen 4 17's and I hated the trigger.
  9. Honestly I think you’ll like whichever one you decide to like or both! Both will work and work well.

    I like the look of the longer guns and all the top shooters say that 34 is the softest shooting Glock available so I tend to believe them. I’m not sure soft equates to fast so I may be making the wrong choice with the G34.

    I have multiple 34’s but I’m planning on putting together a G17.5 with an RMR soon to play with. I want to see how it bridges the gap between my carry G19.5 and competition G34.5’s. I wish there was a slam dunk RDS besides the RMR. I’m just no sold on any of the options out there.
  10. Size of targets? Distances? Sights the same? Which gun was shot first? Did you alternate? When you missed, were all the shots in the same direction?
  11. I'd estimate 12 inches. There's 9 of them, 3x3. I'd guess I am about 8 yards away? Hard to say since it is all virtual. Identical sight setup on both guns, TLR-1 on both guns, right down to the talon grips.
  12. The 19X/45 gamechanger magic is hype, plain and simple. There’s really no appreciable difference between a 45 and a 17. I like both, but any major performance differences are more likely shooter related. All things equal, the G17 is still the best all-around Glock made.
  13. I got my 19X a while back and have just began to use it in competition. I will flat out say that it does NOT perform as well as my 34 did in the same capacity. So much so, that honestly... <looks around> it's on the chopping block... :eek:
  14. But have you noticed the superior balance?
  15. Longer sight radius means it's easier to fine-tune your aim. Enough to matter? It depends on what you are doing and your skill. For SD distances or at SD speed, I don't think it matters much. What are the details of the simulation you ran? A gun that's heavier at the end will recoil less obviously. Seams you should go with what you shoot well if you can.
  16. Lol
  17. I shoot my G17 Gen 5 (early production) better than anything else I tried (every Glock model).
  18. Well that makes two of us! Tried them all but the 34. My only gripe is this front cutout, but I also don't want to mess with what appears to be just about perfect.
  19. I guess I must be a fudd , never heard of a “virtual”range... is this how folks are shooting these days?

    I had something similar as a kid, my backyard was full of Indians, dinosaurs and German soldiers. I never missed!
  20. Seems gimmicky but I love it.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MthZhj5csSw
  21. The Glock 45 9mm is the King of GLOCK. Period.
  22. I laughed at it for 3 years then finally tried it. I've never shot at a paper target range since then. It is more expensive, but you get your own huge lane + far less people in there due to the price presumably. No rifle calibers allowed. Win/win for me. Lots of shenanigans going on at the paper side in my experience. Plus you actually get to do timed drills and gain some legitimate data to compare speeds. I am going to buy a 9mm PCC just to have fun. About to sink $2500 into a tricked out scorpion. Still undecided on which to go with.
  23. anim_lol.gif

    I knew the butthurt would flow eventually.
  24. 17 rounds at a time.......
  25. :noevil:
  26. Run a +2 mag extension on the 17 it will balance it out even more or a +6 for best feel

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  27. It really does not when you are talking 1/2". If 1/2" sight radius makes a difference its you, not the gun. Where it makes a difference is with a rifle. When you put on an optic SR is totally moot.
  28. The whole thing with most of them is actually pretty silly. I think most people dont have a clue. They see something they like and thats the best, and they probably couldnt tell you why, if you pressed them. Just because. End of story.

    Nothing wrong with liking what you like, we all have our likes and dislikes, but if you have no other experience with other things, it does tend to be limiting, and you really do only know what you know. And in reality, if that one gun is all you have, you dont know much.

    I always used to prefer the Colt Commanders over the GM's. The difference there, ~3/4" . Like the 45, the difference is meaningless. But you couldnt tell me that. There was a BIG difference. :rolleyes:

    I still have GM's and Commanders, and I shoot and like them both, and Im over the Commander being "the bestest" thing. :)

    I have 17's and a 45, some 19's and 26's. I carry a 17 on a daily basis, and sometimes a 26 with it. I shoot the 17's and 26's the most because I carry them.

    Personally, if you only own two Glocks (and everyone should have at least 4, 2 you use and a spare of each) to me, those would be the 17 and 26, or if you dont like 9mm, the 22/27, etc.

    Contrary to what youre constantly told, its not at all hard to carry a 17, even in the summer in just a tee shirt. The 17's really arent "big" either. Most of the "big" guns really arent.

    Then again, if we use the correct terminology, there might be a valid point in size difference comparing your weapon to your gun. Then they probably are big. The weapon that is. :p

    The 19's are kind of a pointless gun, (to me anyway) as they arent that much smaller than a 17, and yet they still too big to go where the 26's can easily go, if, you need to go deeper. And while I have a couple of them, I just never got the point of them.

    The 26's are actually a really amazing gun. They are small enough to easily hide in the most minimal of attire, yet handle and shoot very much like a full sized gun. And with a simple mag swap, can have the same capacity. That short little slide does reduce the sight radius, but its really not a detriment, if you can shoot. There is no doubt it is easier to shoot with the 17's, but the difference in hits on target between it and the 26 are pretty trivial. Both will easily get the job done.

    But, to get back on point here, the difference between the 17 and 45, is meaningless, and all in your head if you insist there is one.

    I would bet if you ran that test over and over, the results would flip flop time and again as you went down the line.

    The "misses" generally are not the fault of the gun, no matter what it is. ;)
  29. I wanted to add an experience of mine to reinforce your flip flop comment.

    Many years ago (early 2000’s?), I bought a brand new 34 and 35 on the same day. I went to the range and one of them hit consistently to the left. Me being the experienced shooter that I was knew that it couldn’t possibly be me. I decided something was wrong with the gun and went home. I looked over the slide and sights and couldn’t find anything wrong. Before calling Glock to complain how they had sold me a crap gun I thought I’d go try to test again. I loaded them up and tried to mix them up so I wouldn’t know which one I was holding to try to eliminate any influence from me. It still shot left while the other one was centered. I then packed up and headed home planning to call Glock that Monday. I got home and was looking at the targets and noticed that the bullet holes on the gun shooting left was a different size from the first session. I was shocked a different gun had shot left for me on the two trips to the range. Evidently I was gripping the frames differently some how.

    I learned a lot that day. If something is going wrong then it’s probably something to do with the fallible human involved. That’s the first place to look.
  30. So why don't you actually shoot competition? Virtual doesn't mean anything. No drawing from the holster, no recoil to manage, no movement, not timed and scored against all other shooters. Might as well just play video games.

    Competition is a test, the only test that measures speed and accuracy. Course you will have to stand up in front of 20 or so other real shooters and show them what that virtual training did for you....
  31. This is real, real recoil, real noise, real movement, real transisitions, real speed, real accuracy. Their is no virtual about it.

    USPSA Open Major 9x19 STI. A 125 gr bullet going well over 1,350 fps.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrL336WXmxM
  32. You didnt check out his link, did you? ;)
  33. ak103k - I definitely need to see if there are any of those ranges near to me.

    I especially like the accuracy tracking aspect. It is so easy to lie to yourself while looking at your targets. I wonder how much of a physical zero difference existed between your pistols? It seems that would make a big difference in that type of shooting but could easily go unnoticed on paper where you can say “good group, just a little low.”

    I almost got into a fight one time with a buddy at the range. He said his .45 groups where smaller than my 9mm. I said no way, look at the target! He said “I am looking”. He had one ragged hole and you could see most of my individual holes. He shut up when we measured and my group was a little smaller. It just goes to show that we can look at the same thing and interpret it drastically different. A machine (or virtual range) does not do it that way.
  34. 19X for the WIN!
  35. Not according to the Army, apparently.
  36. Savage...
  37. Virtual shooting range??

    Why not just point your finger and say bang...it’d be just as useful a test.
  38. This is why things are often so confusing. People dont even bother to look at what's being discussed before they speak, and think they have it all figured out.
  39. Some people say the same thing about bore axis. Can’t cheat physics
  40. I was carrying a Glock 31C for years concealed, now I am carrying the 45 more...I don't have any smaller Glocks, they are too short for my hands.
  41. But, but... it’s an advanced design!
  42. The 45 is my off duty carry, 17 is department issued. I prefer my 45 largely due to the lack of finger grooves. I shoot them equally well accuracy wise. Personally I only notice a slight, basically negligible difference in the 45's favor as far as recoil, sight radius and follow up shots are concerned. I just finished sanding a small undercut on my 45. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  43. I might actually shoot the gun on a real range at real targets to see what the actual difference is....can't say I 100% trust their computers ability to judge accuracy.

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  44. Comparing Gen 4 G17 to Gen 5 G45 is apples to oranges. Compare both in Gen 5.
  45. I have learned (from spending WAY too much $ on switching back and forth on this gun or that gun) that which ever gun you feel confident with, STICK with that gun, regardless of manufacture or model it is. They say beware of the man of one gun. This could not be a truer statement as I have seen this over the years in my life and profession.

    If you shoot better with your 17, then you will feel confident with that platform should the need ever arise that you have to use it, which I hope is NEVER sir! Good luck on your never ending endeavor to find the perfect gun but it sounds like you already have it, so stick with it in my opinion. Just buy a couple more for backups...:dancing:
  46. People need to stop saying this. ;)

    My experience has been just the opposite of yours, and from what Ive seen, those who do only have one gun, generally cant shoot for ****.
  47. I can only compare what I have in front of me.
  48. Yup, it's just internet yada yada. Everyone who is a real competition shooter has lots of guns, because at the onset you need a duplicate for everything you bring to a match.
  49. A more accurate statement would be “beware the gun owner who trains”.