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Glock 17 Truglow front sight post problem

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by RRTX11, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Dec 27, 2010
    Central Texas
    Initially I posted in the general forum and should have posted here.
    Glock 17 with truglow TFO's installed with initially purchased weapon in late December, 3 months old.

    6,000 rounds through the 17. I have shot 3 IDPA comps and plenty of range time. This is my second handgun, so I don't have 25 years experience playing with them.

    Last weekend after shooting 500 rounds the front sight post came loose. In cleaning the weapon I notice the screw or nut was loose and it takes a tool I do not have to tighten. I took it back to the fantastic facility I purchased it from and they realigned and tightened it and used lock tight. I went to shoot this morning again and after 25 rounds it was locked in the slide lock position and it took me a while to return it to battery. Very difficult to dissassemble.

    the screw or nut was gone, completely. How do remove the sight post, does it screw in? Has anyone had this particular issue with Tru Glow sights? After researching this issue it has happened to others and some people report decent customer service and many post have reported no returned emails or phone calls. Midway reviews have a lot of bad reviews on the sights and customer service.

    Also, rear sights work great, so I am considering replacing the front sight with a different type. Thinking of going with a red or white sight to off set the green rear sights. Anyone have a similar set up on their weapon?

    When functioning, the sights are great. I just wish I would have gone with a different color front sight or brand to focus more on the front sight and not have all three the same color.

    I have tried to take pics, but the pics won't focus on the recessed screw that is in the slide.

    Any advice, recommendations or feedback would be appreciated.