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Glock 17 Question

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1st Time poster longtime lurker with a question.

I currently own a G19 and am looking at getting a G17 in OD. While looking on Buds it states 10rd, can I still use 17rd mags with this or does it only comes with 1 10 round magazine? I thought all came with 2 mags.


Micah T.
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Tell me about it. I bought my first pistol back in April and have now bought 5 more. Also got my wife into it and she just bought her first one 2 weeks ago. I have grown up around guns all my life and finances finally allowed me to get back into a passion that I loved as child and youth.

Thanks for answering my question.

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I bought a "California" Glock 23 that had a white label and was supposed to come with 10-round magazines. Maybe it was all my dealer could get, but he switched out the mags before selling it to me. If you live in a state that hasn't seceded from the union like a civil-war confederate, your standard-capacity mags will work just fine. :whistling:
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