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Glock 17 purchase w/ extras

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Decided to switch from a revolver to an auto.
I've moved into a large city and wanted more firepower (ammo).
I came across this deal and felt it was fair considering the ammo included.
Gave $465 total. It shoots great.
Looking for as holster recommendation.
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Any of you Glock carriers...
Fobus rig or leather. ?
Congratulations and welcome to GT!
Any of you Glock carriers...
Fobus rig or leather. ?
Do you carry inside or outside the waistband?
I favor outside..........
Cool!!! A "tuperware" model. :cool:

Enjoy!!!! :supergrin:
I too usually carry OWB. I carry my 21 in a Galco Concealable. For production leather I like Galco. Nice deal you got there!
Good find.
As for the holster, try Blackhawk.
i have the blackhawk serpa. i like it a lot. it has a little button you have to push to remove the pistol.,1145,1410.htm

hope you like your new glock!
That's an awesome deal!
Great firearm. Congrats and welcome
I like Sidearmor for OWB. They have a 15% off sale through June 30th and they make great holsters both IWB and OWB. Hurry and order tonight to get the sale.......

See them at
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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