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For sale is a Glock 17 Gen4 converted for Major Open Division. Gun was built from scratch from a stock Glock17 Gen4. Runs on major and minor power factors with 3/7 port compensator. The gun has about 200 factory rounds thru it and another 100 major loads for testing and tuning the ejection pattern. This pistol is excelent choice for USPSA open division. Will shoot major loads of 9mm going 1400fps!

Here is the list of all the parts installed.

Lonewolf extended 9mm threaded barrel
Carver 3/7 port compensator
C-More reddot sight
SJC C-More mount
ZEV Aluminum Magwell
Rear plate slide racker
Stainless steel gulde rod
Reduced power 13lb recoil spirng
Gen3 smooth trigger bar
3.5lb trigger connector
Trigger job and polishing
Ejection port lowered
Taran Tactical +6 magazine extension

Price: 1250

The pistol will come with all the factory parts that came with the gun, barrel, sights, trigger bar, backstraps and 2 more factory magazines. If the buyer is out of IL, I will ship to a FFL of your choice. Shipping charge is $25. Local IL person to person transfer is OK. If you are an IL resident, I will need your FOID card number before approving the purchase. Payment can be made by cash, check or money order. If buyer is out of state, the pistol will ship to your FFL once the payment is cleared. No Trades. Please contact me if any questions.
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