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I have several Glock 17 Gen 3 upgrade/Custom build parts. All parts are BRAND NEW never used. The only reason I'm selling is because I've decided to go in another direction with a different firearm build.

I'm pricing it to sell well below retail and like I said these are brand new. Price them yourself and you'll see the deal you are getting which is well over $600 in retail.

Pictures below as well

1) Shadow Systems Glock 17 Gen 3 slide, windowed, RMR cut with cover. Stainless steel, listed as black but you can see it's more of a dark Grey. $285

2) ZEV Pro Trigger (zev cft-pro-drp-3g9-b-r) part number so you can look it up for specs. This is the curved version. $145

3) Cross Armory Magwell black $65

4) ARO-TEK extended slide release $30

5) Glock metal extended mag release and spring. $30

6) red extended slide lock and spring $15

That's $570 priced individually (already below retail price) but if you buy everything I'll discount the entire lot to $525 for everything cash local pickup (upstate SC) or $535 shipped with PayPal payment.

Prices firm as they are brand new and already priced below retail.

Tracking will be provided via receipt picture with tracking. If you want additional insurance you cover the cost.

If you would like to call me; let me know I I will give you my info. I know it's good to talk to a individual before doing a online transaction. That's how I like to do my purchases as well.


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