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Glock 17 Fraternal Order Of Police

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I ran across a 1989 inagural Fraternal Order Of Police Glock 17 With factory night sights.The slide if factory stamped with the F.O.P symbol and the serial # starts with FP followed by 3 numbers then US.
It is a second generation.I was wondering if anybody else seen these?
I been collecting Glocks for years and never new they made these.THANKS
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If I'm not mistaken, The Washington DC FOP (Lodge DC#1) had these G-17s around that period.

Can you post a pic??
My father in law would love one of these! he was a cop as well as a few generations before so it would fit well in his family. I am going to start looking around
Good FIND! I've been looking for one for 12 years and have not been able to get anyone to even confirm they exist! Could you post a pic please?!?!?!
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