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GLIPSC May 17th 2007 match

  1. The course of fire was 5 steel men and 4 paper IPSC targets. Comstock and hands at sides start. Engage all targets and steel. Mandatory reload and re-engage the paper strong hand only. Minimum 21 rounds. results below
    1. Greg Hodges 4.830 G34
    2. Dean Francisco 4.543 G34
    3. Eric Burke 3.295 G23
    4. Dan Brock 2.636 G19
    5. Mike Lagermann 2.457 XD9
    6. Claude Wright 1.070 XD45
    7. John Whitt 0.958 Para .40

    Looks like treehugger picked a bad night to miss as I know she would have beat John W. tonight. I dought you will see john at the bottom very often. Congrats Greg you did great tonight.
  2. She also missed my targets with 2 different sized holes in them,all from the same gun.


  3. Yeah it almost looked like you were shooting 40's and grabbed a mag of 9mm by mistake. Enjoyed shooting with the two new guys tonight.
  4. Good shooting Greg and Dean.

    I look forward to the dualing STI's in the future.
  5. I had a Mag of LSWC's and the other was FMJ TC bullets. The SWC's punch a nice clean hole,I like 'em.

  6. Greg shot his STI?
  7. No because it did not fit in his fobus holster! :rofl:
  8. Fobus? He's going to have to ugrade to an Uncle Mikes if he wants to run with the STI crowd. The next thing you know he's be driving a Lexus with big-o tires.
  9. I do have an Uncle Mikes and it doesn't fit in it either. I ordered one for it. I'll probably have Dean make me one also.
  10. You guys will have to watch out next Thursday.

    Dan and I just got back from Whittakers and picked up new holsters and mag pouches. No more digging in the pants pocket for a spare mag for me.:)

    Hopefully I can break the 30 second mark next time.