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GLIPSC February 7th Scores

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by TreehugginGlock, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Mar 18, 2006
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    Louisville, KY
    Sorry for the delay folks. Totally forgot to post the scores.

    Thursday night, Dean was nice enough to design our match. Thank you Dean and good shooting.

    Our course of fire was 10 targets (some double stacked). From a standing position, hands at your side, at the buzzer, you fired one shot into each target freestyle, then mag change, strong hand only, one shot to each target (you could move up to a closer position if you wanted, but were not required to do so), then mag change, weak hand only, one shot each target. Good basic skills test. (FYI, those who chose not to move up for the one handed strings did have a better overall score.)

    Congrats to everyone for doing so well. Small crowd, but it's quality, not quantity, isn't it?

    1) Dean F 4.120
    2) Greg H 3.933
    3) John W 3.609
    4) Ron H 3.494
    5) Leigh Ann J 3.171
    6) Aaron F 2.051

    You guys have fun next week and miss me greatly, but business calls. I'll be back the following week.