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Well this evenings match was a standards match. We shot some strong hand weak hand shooting. and had hostages too. Yes it was fun and humbling.
Here is how it went.

Greg Hodges 4.892 G34
Jim Geiger 4.364 G21c
Steve Dunham 4.329 G34
Dean Francisco 4.252 G35
John Haas 3.660 1911
Scott Grass 2.992 G23
David Skeeters 2.836 G27
Herman Stucky 2.003 G23
Adam Snyder 1.982 G21
Otis Fox 1.960 SW45
Christy Grass 1.338 XDM9
Gary Lee 0.199 XDM9
Mike Clark 0 G32

I will be out of town next week as will Greg so Leigh Ann will have to come up with a little IDPA action for ya. Please help her with the match.
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