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We kept it simple tonight, doing a little Five To Glock for some good distance and control practice. For those unfamiliar with the outdoor GSSF sport, Five to Glock is 5 targets at different distances with the middle one being at 25 yards. (better description can be found at Total round count for each of the 3 strings is 10 only. (This made it a bit of a challenge for the 1911 fellows, but they did well.) 3 strings with 3 times, then the points down were added to the overall time score. (Total round count 30)Lowest total time plus points won. Here's how it all shook out.

1) Dean F. 30.57 - shot a G34
2) Leigh Ann J 40.58 - shot a G17
3) Otis F. 60.07 - shot an H&K P30
4) John M. 79.93 - shot a 1911
5) David B 96.61 - shot a 1911
6) Claude W 114.99 - shot an XD45

Next week, Dean's talking about possibly putting on one of his "fun" matches. Hope to see you all there. Should be loads of fun if the past can speak for the future.

And don't forget, we're having our summer sizzler special going on. It only costs $5 to shoot the match until the end of September instead of our usual $10. Come on down and bring your friends.
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