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Glipsc 6-18-09

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by TreehugginGlock, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. TreehugginGlock


    Mar 18, 2006
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    Louisville, KY
    Well, we had a few rumbles, but no storm this time. So glad, cause this morning was quite exciting enough.

    This week, Mr. Dean, had a nice challenge. An array of 4 targets (diamond format), non-threat, 4 targets (single line format), non-threat, 4 targets (diamond format). 2 rounds in each target with a mag change between arrays.

    Before I get into the results of our match. I have a small English lesson for us all. The word of the day is squib. As Webster's defines the word, it means 1 a: a short humorous or satiric writing or speech b: a short news item ; especially : filler - 2 a: a small firecracker b: a broken firecracker in which the powder burns with a fizz - 3: a small electric or pyrotechnic device used to ignite a charge. That being said, I prefer that you just call me the short, humorous, firecracker queen of the GLIPSC jungle. :rofl:

    Here are our results for the evening:

    6.455 John Haas (close to 7%, but not quite there yet. Keep watchin folks)
    4.866 Greg Hodges
    4.556 Jim Geiger
    3.872 Steve Dunham
    3.727 Otis Fox
    2.461 Leigh Ann Jeter :ender:
    2.315 Dean Francisco
    1.941 Gary Lee
    1.907 Daniel Head
    1.879 Danny Massey
    1.632 Butch Harley
    1.563 Chris Nelson
    zero'd Adam Haley
    zero'd Tom Smith
    zero'd Tommy Glueck
    zero'd Mike Harley

    As you can see it was a bit more challenging then expected.

    Hope to see you all next week. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

    Later, ya'll :wavey: