Glipsc 3-11-10

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    Poor Dean was feeling a bit under the weather tonight, but he was a trooper and put on a great match for us all to enjoy.

    Great turn out again. So glad to see so many shooters coming out to play. I have noticed, though, some of our regulars haven't shown up in quite a while. I hope everything is good and adventures are being had. Oh, and that they return soon.

    Here is how the scoring worked out this evening:

    5.912 Dean Francisco
    5.759 Jerry Dillard
    4.851 Jeremy Schultz
    4.495 Ken Skeeters
    4.413 Jennifer Anderson
    4.365 Steve Dunham
    4.341 Greg Hodges
    4.109 Jeff Cooke
    4.056 Otis Fox
    3.982 Matt Griffin
    3.937 Danny Massey
    3.816 Jim Gieger
    3.126 Louis Walker
    2.643 Chris Nelson
    2.538 Frank Thompson
    2.194 Jack Griffin
    2.050 Andrea Levine
    2.045 Herman Stuckey
    1.779 Scott Grass
    1.769 David Skeeters
    1.701 Richard Wanke
    1.586 Phillip Myers
    0.256 Leigh Ann Jeter (G34) :crying:
    zero'd Brittany Rogers
    zero'd Travis Cook
    DNF Kevin Dugan

    Hope all my snifflers and coughers get some rest and feel better. We want to see you back 100% next week.

    Later, ya'll
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