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GLIPSC 1-8-09...Happy New Year!

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by TreehugginGlock, Jan 8, 2009.

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    Mar 18, 2006
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    Louisville, KY
    Happy New Year to everyone that showed up and to those who didn't get to drop by for our first weekly Thursday night shoot of 2009 at Bluegrass Indoor Range. We had a nice turn out, though we were all a bit rusty.

    Dean came up with a nice warm up the trigger finger and rattle the cobwebs out fo the brain shoot. There were 3 arrays, each array had 3 targets with a no shoot in the middle. On signal, draw and fire 2 shots in each target in one array, mag change, 2 shots in each target in the next array, mag change, then 2 shots in each target in the final array. Some of us, you could tell, hadn't picked up our guns since our last GLIPSC shoot in December. Just goes to prove...practice, practice, practice....then practice some more. (I need to take my own advice, apparently.)

    Here's how the results shook out:

    4.950 John Haas 1911
    4.103 Jeff Cooke 1911
    3.442 Greg Hodges 2011
    2.167 Jim Geiger G21
    1.387 Dean Francisco G35
    1.138 Leigh Ann Jeter G17
    0.960 Tom Smith 1911
    0.215 Gene Llagnno G35
    Zero'd Richard Wanke 1911

    Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We look forward to having some of our old faces and some new ones joining us again next Thursday, January 15th. We are trying to keep the shoots 1911 friendly (hence the plethora of 1911's shooting tonight). See you next week. Hopefully there will also be some better lighting, too.