Glipsc 1-7-10

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    Mar 18, 2006
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    Our first match of 2010 and boy did we have a weather welcome! Despite the snow and frigid temperatures, we had a really nice turn out! Just goes to show the dedication of the true shooting fanatic like we are.

    6.208 John Haas
    5.735 Dean Francisco
    4.810 Leigh Ann Jeter
    4.598 Ken Skeeters
    3.687 Jeff Cooke
    3.579 Danny Massey
    3.552 Mike Fuzette
    3.545 Jim Geiger
    3.375 Gary Lee
    3.267 Chris Nelson
    3.043 Steve Dunham
    2.152 Butch Harley
    1.586 Herman Stuckey

    Hopefully next week we won't be seeing our breath in the range as we paste or that we can have a little bit better lighting but I can't make any promises on either subject.

    Stay warm, safe and see you folks next week.

    Oh and sorry for the delay getting the scores posted.