Glipsc 1-28-10

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    Happy birthday to Dean, happy birthday to Dean, happy birthday to Dean, happy birthday to Dean.:cake::birthday:

    If you guys didn't guess from the cupcakes, we celebrated Dean's birthday this week. Lots of shooters, some new faces and some really old and wrinkled ones, too. :rofl:

    Several surprises tonight. Those darn no-threats really kicked folks' tails. I say guilt by association.

    Here is how things shook out:

    4.631 Tony Yeker
    3.754 Greg Hodges
    3.522 Otis Fox
    3.510 Dean Francisco
    3.159 Leigh Ann Jeter
    3.057 John Haas
    2.857 Danny Massey
    2.731 Jeremy Schultz
    2.449 Steve Dunham
    2.278 Ken Skeeters
    1.773 Micheal Rhea
    1.767 Herman Stuckey
    1.566 Barry Ellis
    0.871 Chris Nelson
    0.434 Bruce Gernstein
    0.418 Claude Wright

    Hope everyone can make it back next week. We really do enjoy shooting with everyone.