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Wow It was soooo good to see sooo many of you folks at the match tonight. I've missed seeing everyone. Sorry we had to cancel last week, but the range was closing early due to inclement weather. Glad things melted and we were able to get together tonight.

Happy birthday goes out to our dedicated leader, Dean Francisco, and our dedicated shooter, Gary Lee. :birthday:

Here are our match results for this week:

5.186 John Haas
4.433 Greg Hodges
4.217 Steve Dunham
4.210 Jim Geiger
4.072 Chris Compton
3.925 Jeff Cooke
3.739 Dean Francisco :birthdaysong:
3.690 Otis Fox
3.252 Mike Reilly
3.196 Gary Lee :birthdaysong:
2.292 Brian Conley
2.525 Phillip W. Myers
2.248 Tom Ray
2.233 Jim Kinnett
2.223 Richard Wanke
1.290 Mark Ray
0.985 Leigh Ann Jeter
0.273 Jonathan Stillman
zero'd Kyle Wanke
zero'd Stephen Reese

Thanks everyone for showing up. We look forward to seeing you all next week.
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