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    A group of fellows always enjoyed their game of golf, but one of the
    boys was having trouble seeing the ball. His friends kept telling him he
    needed glasses. Finally, he bought himself a pair and his game improved
    100%. Back in the clubroom they were talking over a few beers.

    "You're playing better since you got your glasses," one said.

    "You're right, I look down and the ball's as big as a basketball, just
    can't miss it now," he said. After a few more beers, he said. "Gotta go
    to the toilet, be back in a minute."

    When he came back, all the front of his trousers were wet.

    "Gee, what happened to you?" his mates asked.

    "Don't know," he replied, "got in there, pulled it out and it looked too
    big for mine, so I put it back!"