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Give Me Your Wife for a Bump

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You mean sancho isnt the only latin that liked sloppy seconds?
Who knew?

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We had a Deputy Chief with similar issues in the USBP, except hat he was a homosexual. There was an EEO, lawsuit that made the papers. Essentially, they claimed that the guys who went with him to Highway 83 (a remote stretch of highway we patrolled) and performed oral sex on him got promoted. Those that didn't did not.

Of course Border Towns hate us, and would routinely post a BPA agents home address if they were involved in anything, in the hopes that violence would come to them.

We were nicknamed by the public and the newspaper reporters after that as the 'Blow Patrol.'

If you were assigned to rove Highway 83, it became a standing joke.

Now, this was long, long before being gay was considered a wonderful thing by society.

Now, the crotchety guy I would get partnered up with (He was there for the bus rescue) spoke his mind and didn't give a damn.

This was about the time one of BPA's in another sector went transgender and he said, 'He better not come over here, because I'd kill him.'

So, he was pretty intolerant of this sort of thing.

His exploits got around the entire Sector.

I did a checkpoint switch from the busy I-35 to the tiny one down by Freer. There was me, and one dog handler I had never met.

He point blank asked me, 'Do you know [that guy]'

I did a face palm and said, 'What did he do know?'

'He walked up the Deputy Chief and called him a F'ing ******'

I said, 'The Deputy Chief is the guy that hands down disciplines, you just don't do that.'

He was wide eyed and said, 'I know. But you know him.'

'We all know him.'
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