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bear with this, cause it makes fabulous ribs !! however, I only do them about 3-4 times a year because it IS some work and requires some oven baking for a period of time, and in the hotter months we try to avoid.

makes 4 racks of baby backs or several servings of other rib types

pre soak wood chips around 30 minutes to put in smoker box ( we use gas grill) heat up grill to med. hot put your ribs on and braze real good on each side, about 15-18 minutes per side.
this will give them some decent grill flavor. bring in to cool
brush with mustard good on both sides. takes about 1-1&1/2 cups mustard. put on dry rub on each side consisting of: 8 table spoons brown sugar,2-3 tsp. paprika,2tsp. fresh ground black pepper,1-2 tsp. salt,2 tablespoons garlic powder, mix all in bowl and rub on both sides.
good idea to do these steps and wrap ribs in foil for 2-3 hours before putting in oven.

cook ribs directly on oven racks-250 degrees. ( if not cooked on racks they will steam and not cook correctly!)

line oven on bottom with foil lined pans(if electric oven or just foil on bottom if gas) this is to catch drippings.
cook about 2 hours or so, give or take a few miinutes. check ribs near last one third of baking to be fork tender when removed.

remove foil lined pans, and drain grease drippings, so ribs can be transferred to pans. turn on oven broiler, and brush ribs with favorite brbq sauce. broil untill sauce bubbles.
watch close! this will only take 2-4 minutes! do both sides of ribs like this.
bring to table and let cool some and have extra sauce on the side to put on.

I do my own sauce and for the first time to anyone...!! hear it is: 1&1/4 cups tomato sauce, 2/3 cups brown sugar,4 table spoons molasses,1-2 table spoons louisanna hot sauce, 1 tsp. liquid smoke,2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar,1 small ring of fresh onoin very finelly chopped ( nearly puried), and 1 very small fresh garlic clove chopped like the onion.

mix in medium pan and cook to low boil for about 10 minutes. stir constanantly and cool good before putting in squeeze dispensers or a container of your choice.

sauce can be varried for your taste. also when cooking beef for brbq or lots of chicken, you want to do at least half again as much sauce or about double. I have found out that beef seems to soak up more sauce, especially if you are chopping it up to make about a5-6 lb. roast into sandwhiches..! and over 14-15 pieces of chicken, you will need the added sauce.

lots more info than you needed, I am sure, but if you do your ribs as instructed, you will have a nice thick crust on them (thanks to the mustard and rub and they WILL be delicious.

from my trying several different methods, this one stood out. after a couple of times doing this, it will seem easier.

enjoy wally
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