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Give me some feedback on my music please!

  1. Hey guys. Don't know if this is acceptable here, but I wanted to get some feedback on my music.

    My old band recorded this album back in '03, and got it pressed and then we never did ANYTHING with it. School, careers, etc kinda screwed it all up.

    Well, I finally broke down and did the myspace thing, and am just looking for some feedback. I just want people to hear our music, one way or another.


    Myspace only allows you to upload 4 songs, so I picked 4 that are across our range of sound. Most of the other stuff on the album was heavy like "undefined."

    I wrote most of the music, some lyrics, and did all of the guitar and production work for the record.
  2. N,

    Thanks for the kind jesture, I really appreciate it. I am not a big Myspace kind of guy, I went there just to listen to his music. I have worked with a couple of people that have made it big in the music industry, I think these guys sound pretty damn good compared to some of the crap on the radio today.

    Lets support our fellow GTer and give him some encouragement and constructive critism.