Girls' Camp

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    Well, got back from girls' camp a few days ago. Sorry, haven't posted yet - been cleaning up, catching up ever since.

    We went to Paris Springs I-DUH-HO, just past Bear Lake. It was a ward camp this year, not a Stake camp - otherwise we'd have been at KO-HO-LO-WO up Payson canyon.

    The missus and I were in charge of the food for 17 goils and 12 adults. Yee-hah!

    Menu planning, shopping, packing, hauling up there, cooking, serving, cleaning up, and doing it all over again next meal.

    Yeah, it was a lot of work, but if you've got a child in Young Women's you've got to be willing to help out.

    There were hard parts and fun parts. Feeding the gas-guzzling SUV dragging a trailer full of heavily laden coolers full of food and ice wasn't fun (keep telling yourself it's service, reerc) and one part of the freeway was skinnied down to 1 1/2 lanes with cement barrier walls on both sides but they still had two lanes in one direction. (Can you say white knuckles?) Oh, and we're not campers, so tent pitching and sleeping on the ground just isn't our thang, but we survived.

    Paris Springs was beautiful, though. One day we went through a cave (like Timp), the next day they went out on Bear Lake wake boarding and water tubing. THere was also an ice cave nearby - very "cool" - literally. The girls had a riot! (and the adults were happy to be there in all honesty too.)

    Oh, and just a couple hundred yards from our campsite was a natural spring (where the place gets its name, I guess). Pure, cold water boiling out of the rocky mountainside, gurgling over the moss covered rocks and stumps. Looked like a beer commercial. Totally awesome.

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    Did you catch any girls?