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Giant rats sniffing out landmines

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/science/gia...-award-for-sniffing-out-landmines-in-cambodia

    An African giant pouched rat has been honored for his work detecting landmines in Southeast Asia with a gold medal from an international veterinary charity.

    The U.K. charity PDSA named Magawa this year's gold medal recipient for "life-saving devotion to duty, in the location and clearance of deadly landmines in Cambodia."

    The 7-year-old rodent is much larger than the average pet rat – but still light enough to walk on a landmine without setting it off.


    To date Magawa has discovered 39 landmines and 28 items of unexploded ordnance, making him the most successful of APOP’s HeroRats.
  2. Back in my day we didn't have any trained rats, we had a metal detector and a fiberglass probe and we didn't complain about it :fred:

    Cool rat though, someone pin a Sapper Tab on him :supergrin:
  3. Rats sniffing out landmines is a win-win situation.

  5. There are experiments ongoing with dogs that can smell cancer in people. Amazing animals!
  6. ROUT:
    Rodents Of Unusual Talent
  7. Who would have thought? Bravo!
  8. The Rat Patrol is back? EOD experts now tho' eh? No Finking out on THAT job...

    Wonder how they'd fare with the old German S-mine Bouncing Bettys?
  9. I'd imagine they would do just fine as they aren't big enough to step on the pressure prong and that rat isn't going to weigh anywhere near the ~5-7kg to set it off. I'd also bet they wouldn't be strong enough to pull out a tension release set up.
  10. Was just going to post a Rat Patrol reference. You stole my thunder.
  11. We just time-stamped ourselves!
  12. Why can't they just pay democrats to do it?
  13. My wife has a friend who seems to think she can tell if you are sick by the smell of your farts. She took a whiff of one of her kids farts and whisked him off to urgent care. Turns out he had strep throat.
  15. Thread title +1st thought before opening = What?... those Nutria things? :alex:
  16. I had a brother who was mentally ill. He had a certain odd smell. Years later, I was in a psychiatric hospital on a job, and smelled that same odor. I asked one of the nurses, and she told me a lot of schizophrenics have a chemical imbalance that will cause that. It's a whole relatively unexplored world of smells; very interesting stuff!

  17. Ha! Thanks. This was the last probe I owned that had any action. Balkans '98ish time frame.

  18. Talking about EOD, I remember being chosen to review the EOD program shortly after I was drafted. For some strange reason I vaguely recall the duties; find unexploded munitions, ordnance whatever. But I distinctly remember them touting the fact we would have semi-private housing with thick mattresses and curtains on the windows.

    Why would that stick with me? Maybe because of the contrast of WWII barracks with 50 other guys, the red waxed cement floors and butt cans nailed to posts.

    I dunno. Regardless, I decided to pass. Can’t say I regret the decision.
  19. If she were to smell what comes out of my ass she would think i was dead already.
  20. Rat Lives Matter
  21. He's pretty cute.
  22. I guess you could say those mines had been ratted out.
  23. Cool Guy. I don't care if he's a rat. Human rats are the worse. We don't have the real rats in Alberta (there is a program in place since 1920's I believe), but I'm impressed with that not so little fellow.
  24. I heard the Navy had something similar that, but it was for a completely different purpose.
  25. that had to be a hilarious discussion at Urgent Care... you were sniffing his what?!?!?!
  26. That doesn’t pass the smell test.
  27. I'll give her a shot at one of mine, my heart pill cocktail is deadly
  28. They wont get as attached to the dems as they do the rats.
  29. Me too. When I saw the word "giant" I thought of nutra rats.

    They eat them in Louisiana you know. I've never tried it but I heard they are very good.

  30. I think it’s called RATATOUILLE.
  31. LOL! No silly, ratatouille doesn't have any meat in it.