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Ghosts Turbo Maritime Cups

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Just installed Maritime Cups into my G20 for Alaska adventures.
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You started 2 different threads to proudly proclaim that you have custom spring cups? You realize these will make zero difference if you carry that gun for a hundred years, right?

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Yes installed a plug in the grip
Plus replaced Firing pin Plastic channel liner with a Stainless Steel one and the Firing Pin Guide Plastic piece with Stainless one along with Ghost Turbo Maritime Cups for Firing Pin. Since I have G20 I use for bear protection I installed a KKM barrel with a NDZ 22 pound recoil spring kit. Plus Wolff Extra Power Springs in magazines. View attachment 1154474
Yes, and in a thread about grip plugs you had to add in your 2 cents about your firing pin cups.
So what's the deal? Is this your company, or are you just a commission salesman for them?
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