Getting Ready for Easter: Marshmallow Bunny Tests

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    Note: Ensure that you actually read the material rather than looking at the pictures. Significant scientific methodology and insight are reported.




    • Apparently, the Yellow Bunnies are the more suicidal/brave of the species, with the pink ones a close second. Lavender Bunnies seemed to be content to lie in their natural state (lying side by side attached to their neighbors by the torso and ears) when volunteers were asked to come forward. Regardless of the color of their "skin" however, all Bunnies managed to perform their specified tests to the bitter end.

      Marshmallow Bunnies are fairly brave, intelligent creatures (even when it comes to volunteering for dangerous experiments) that survived the tests with varying degrees of success.


      Traitor Bunny: This is the Bunny responsible for selling out his/her own kind... it would appear that he/she was supplying the researchers with information regarding Bunny customs and hiding places, which enabled the researchers to "recruit" the "Volunteer" Bunnies. This may explain the slight minority of Lavender Bunnies coming forward and the eventual slight uneasiness around Lavender Bunnies by the Yellows and Pinks... Traitor Bunny may have been a Racist Bunny who warned his "own kind" about the experiments, and what they would entail. Unfortunately, this information died with Traitor Bunny when what was left of the Volunteer Bunnies Bunnies and the Control Bunnies got to him. The researchers tried to intervene, but it was far too late. On the plus side, the remaining bunnies were able to perform the Bunny Death Ritual for Traitor Bunny after they lynched him.