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Getting pass the "But" factor

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Have you found the PERFECT conceal carry firearm for you? One that doesn't have the "But" factored in? I will use myself as an prime example. I would buy then sell, sell then buy. All while losing thousands trying to find the perfect gun. From $1300 Legions to $300 Caniks I've owned them all. Trust me. Lol. It was always "this gun feels great BUT it's to heavy. This gun is comfortable to carry BUT I don't like the trigger. I like the trigger BUT I don't like the grip." There's always a BUT. Some pistols I kept because it worked flawlessly. But finding the perfect EDC was a pain. Finally the M&P 2.0 compact came along and oh wow. IMO there isn't a single thing to BUT about this pistol. Right out of the box, the changeable backstraps, the perfect grip stipulations, the new and improved trigger system, good sights, excellent weight distribution, small/light enough to carry comfortably yet big enough to fight with. I've ran this pistol so hot I couldn't place my thumb on the takedown lever in the thumbs forward position; yet nothing melted and it continued to functioned flawlessly. I now have 2 of them and finally found my PERFECT EDC. No BUT's. Lol. Have you?
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Good post by the OP.

Re the new M&P 2.0s, I have a 5" barreled M&P9 2.0 that is all of 2 days old. Love the feel in the hand, very happy with the trigger, FDE color is a nice change from black or black & stainless. Was very eager to go to the range tomorrow but this morning is 30 with 25mph wind, and tomorrow may be worse. Not much of a day to enjoy a new gun.

On a more positive note, my local gunsmith sold my "one day on the range and cleaning joke" aka a Remington R51 for me. Lost about $50 but could care less. 10X harder to disassemble and reassemble than any handgun I've ever used. You need very strong hands and fingers that are work hardened and caloused to deal with that b***h. HAPPY it is GONE, particularlly since Remington seems headed to bankruptcy. Don
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