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Getting better with my shooting...where to begin

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I'm relatively new to firearms and have been going to the range about 1x per week since January. A few of the employees there have been extremely nice and have shown me some basic drills for self defense. I'd like to get better at close range and longer distances but am not quite sure what classes to take or drills to use to make sure that I'm not 'practicing wrong.' Most of the local firearm classes gear towards first steps and NRA basics, and I don't want to pay $140 and spend the day to learn things that I might already know.

Are there any resources (Books, Videos, YouTube Videos) out there that folks here might recommend? Should I just keep practicing or should I 'bite the bullet' and start the NRA training track?

Any advice appreciated!
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Lots of good vids -- Clint Smith series, Magpul series, Panteao Productions series and more. But I'd still recommend hands-on training, with a professional right there to show you stuff in three dimension, and to answer any questions you might have.

Best of luck and welcome to the discipline,

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Thank you for the recommendations! I'm reading a book called Deadly Force that has helped me to understand a bit about the rights and responsibilities of Self Defense. If you are the Mas Ayoob, I thank you for this as well. It is a fascinating and well written book.
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