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Get your CJ love on: J-town Shooting

  1. Well, I finally broke down and registered an account in the Courier Journal forums: domzilla9. The comments posted on the J-town shooting drove me over the edge. We dwell in a cesspool of liberal miasma.

    Read the story and post a response here
  2. sounds like a clear case of self defense to me. I'm not going to wait for someone to shoot first just so I can say I RETURNED fire in self defense. Seeing the weapon and reacting is self defense no matter how the media wants to spin it.

    Hollow-points would have been a better choice, but...
  3. Has it been determined that hollow points were not used?
  4. It amazes me how the we like to say the individual is smart and people are stupid. After reading some of the ignorant people's comments on the CJ's thread about this topic, I can understand how stupid precedents are set.
    I don't know what happened, so I can't pass judgement. It could be as simple as escalated road rage, or could have involved something deeper.
    No matter what the case, I feel that this doesn't bode well for the CCDW population of Mair Jerr's fine city
  5. No it hasn't but from reading the report I can't see how they could have been. Given my personal experience, a head shot with a HP is going to result in a kill. And rounds passing through an automobile would not wind up in a near by business, they'd wind up in pieces.
  6. Admin Jar Head, those are good points. I read that the damaged party had been struck in the head but of course we don't know if it was a graze or what exactly. I actually just don't trust the CJ to report anything factual about the case.
  7. This has been a crazy year, and not a good one for us gun owners. I'm blaming it on unusaly high levels of gamma radiation due to increased solar flare activity (no I'm not a scientist but I did spend the night with a hooker at a Motel 6. :rofl:
    Seriously though wtf is going on this year, VT, NASA, that mall in KC here there everywhere people are going nuts!!! Whats next? ZOMBIES?????

  8. :agree:
    God I hope so, that would give me an excuse to put a few of these crazy folks out of my misery... sorry a little bitter.
    :50cal: :2gun:
    I have to go to Virginia for a close friends funeral. Killed by a drunk driver, of course they were fine.