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    Man tries to commit suicide after arrest for passing bad checks while dressed as woman in Cape May Court House
    By BEN LEACH Staff Writer | Posted: Thursday, February 25, 2010

    A man who dressed as a woman is in a county correctional facility after attempting suicide while in police custody for trying to use bad checks.
    Daniel Tyce, 27, was taken into custody by Middle Township police after attempting to use the checks Feb. 19 at the CVS in Cape May Court House.
    Tyce already has warrants in several jurisdictions, police said, including an unrelated $25,000 warrant in Middle Township. He is wanted for attempting fraud at the Westside Market in Cape May, Middle Township police spokesman John Edwards said.
    Additionally, in 2009, Tyce was indicted on charges of animal cruelty and practicing veterinary medicine without a license after posing for two years as a female veterinarian. He is accused of setting up a phony animal shelter called South Jersey Small Animal Rescue, where he bilked pet owners out of thousands of dollars. He also allegedly obtained pain medications such as ibuprofen through Walmart with the intent to prescribe them to animals.
    Although Tyce recently lived in Atlantic City, Edwards said he has been living in a hotel in Rio Grande for some time.
    While at police headquarters for investigation, Tyce pulled a thread from his sweater and attempted to commit suicide with it."He was handcuffed to a bar and then pulled a string out from the sweater he was wearing and wrapped it around his neck," Edwards said. "Before that time, he didn't give any indication of suicidal tendencies."
    Communications Officer Ted Farina revived Tyce, and he was taken to Cape Regional Medical Center for observation. He was released from the hospital Monday and has been in the Cape May County Correctional Center since leaving the hospital, where he is being held on $25,000 bail.
    Tyce previously served three years at South Woods State Prison in Bridgeton for credit card fraud.
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    Cap May is a beautiful place to spend time with family. I enjoy birding there after the summer visitors leave.
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