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George Floyd Dropping Square White Baggie (Video)

  1. It was in the frame but it doesn't show him dropping it. Looks more like a business card. No one seems to interested in recovering it whatever it is.
  2. Lol...Bidness, alright.

  3. No mention of drugs being recovered in anything I've read.
  4. Show me a video of him resisting arrest or assaulting an officer. I don't care if he had a kilo of pure heroin up his butt, he didn't deserve to be killed in the street.
  5. Looks like he was breathing on his own.

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  6. Yeah, they hadn't killed him just yet.
  7. Have you seen business cards that were square and the size of small narcotic baggies? LOL!!!!!!!
  8. I'd like to see the body cam videos too. I wonder why they aren't releasing them?
    Why isn't the media demanding them? :dunno:
  9. Well, are they protesting because they don't believe the man was a criminal? Or are they protesting because the police killed a restrained man?

    Dude probably has a prior too. Lots of people do. Should we kill them as well?
  10. Again, it doesn't look like a "small narcotic baggie" nor did we see him drop it, nor does anyone seem to care about it's presence and nothing about drugs has been reported.

    But I know you want this to somehow legitimize his death. That's weird.

    ETA I was wrong I was looking at the object in the top left corner, it does look suspicious.
  11. For real. Looks like he chipped something off the building when he slipped down. Either that, or the arresting officers were more incompetent than we thought and never searched the man's palm. I doubt the dude was fisting a bag that whole time and no one noticed.
  12. He was charged for home invasion and armed robbery on Texas and took a five year plea deal.
  13. It might matter if the heroin up his butt killed him though.
  14. Ok, I was looking at the wrong image.

    You are correct, it does in fact look suspicious. I was wrong.
  15. Thank you.

    I just want all the evidence that is available. That seems to bother people.
  16. Exactly. Did he eat some?

  17. I think we all want that ultimately.
  18. The tiny white bag fell from his left arm area to the concrete next to his left buttock. You can see it fall.
  19. Looks like the common shape and size baggie of white powder to me. It doesn't matter because even if he had a kilo up his ass, he doesn't deserve to be knelt on through his death.
  20. As was stated above whatever he dropped isn't any part of the issue. And it didn't justify his death.
  21. No I think there are a lot of people who only want all the evidence if it supports their preconceived notions.
  22. ...sad, but you may be right.
  23. Come on Don, your posts are usually good. This one served no purpose. He could have dropped an AK and a dozen knives. He was cuffed and not going anywhere.
  24. I dont care if he was a serial killer who kicks puppies and orhans, police are professionals and should conduct themselves as such. The man is not resisting. He could of easily been brought in alive.
  25. Yep, looks like he drops a bag of drugs.

    Doesn't change a damn thing with regard to the officers' misconduct, however.
  26. Yeah...I'm gonna call BS on that.

    Looks like a business card in the street to me. The proof? The police don't leave baggies of drugs laying in the street while they stand around ignoring them.
  27. Where did you find a video of what he was doing when 3 officers decided they needed to hold him down? I haven't seen that one yet.
  28. We've been talking about toxicology reports and reports of Floyd being intoxicated for days. Now, we see apparent narcotics dropping out of his hands. I can understand a charge of 3rd degree murder (sounds a lot like manslaughter). I'm fine with letting the judge and jury decide, but they should have all the evidence.
  29. He allegedly resisted after this when they initially try to get him in a car. No video of that has been released that I know of.
  30. They do, if they miss them. It happens. When an officer finishes an arrest, he or she should search the back seat of their car. Every so often, they'll find a bag of dope or a weapon.
  31. I'd like to see the body cam videos before declaring that Floyd did not resist.

    Ask yourself:
    1. Why wasn't Floyd in the rear of a police vehicle?
    2. Why was Floyd on the pavement?
    3. Why were three cops kneeling on him?
  32. Preconceived notions of racism. They're racists. There are a lot of racists which is why we are where we are.
  33. Interesting and not surprising.

    "Fentanyl Abuse: Top 11 Facts About This Potent and Deadly Opioid

    Just 2 to 3 milligrams of this drug can kill a person. It blocks opioid receptors and its most dangerous side effect -- like other opioids -- is respiratory depression, which can quickly lead to coma and death.

    https://www.drugs.com/illicit/fentanyl.html "

    I wonder, if any meth was in his bloodstream as well?
  34. Looked like to me the knee was on the side / back of the neck. Idk though, black pants, black shirt & black neck I can't be sure.
  35. It would be a significant error to attack the character of the deceased in this case.......... unless it was a drug contributed directly to his death I think the process will only make the situation worse.
  36. Debate settled. It's a business card or something very similar, it was there before George Floyd and the police ever got there, and here's what happened before the little bit of video we have all seen:

    View: https://youtu.be/VDd5GlrgvsE
  37. Gtfoh. Every race hates the other EQUALLY. We naturally separate, walk into any lunchroom & look around.
  38. I would suggest we keep to our own council until the entirety of the evidence is released.
    I'd like to edit my post to add that my suggestion, while true, wouldn't be quite as much fun as all this, whatever the hell it is. Carry on.
  39. Doesn't justify murder.
  40. Because, from what we've seen so far, the arresting officers made a series of bad decisions?

    Both the county and the private autopsies have agreed that his death resulted from a "homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back compression that led to a lack of blood flow to the brain." What more are we looking for? Retro-fitting a justification for why it was okay to choke the guy to death?
  41. The problem isn't really the neck. It was restricting full respiration by putting body weight on the upper torso for a prolonged amount of time.
  42. I suspect there will be expert witness testimony on the effect of the street drugs in Floyd's body and their relationship to his death. Usually, drugs like those are contributing factors.

    IMHO- Likely contributing factors:
    Underlying heart disease
    Drug intoxication
    Overexertion from resisting arrest
    Depression of respiration by police officers' body weight, prone positioning, and handcuffing
  44. Are you looking at the white paper in front of him?

    That's not it. Watch his visible hand at 2:56-2:59.
  45. Yep, he dropped dope. Still doesn’t change the officer’s responsibility to check on him before 8 minutes go by with a knee on his neck. Even people who are lifetime criminals and former porn actors (he was both) should expect better care when arrested than he got.
    36.5 years on the job, retired five months ago. I know about arresting folks.