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    A couple wins a trip to an expensive golf resort. When they arrive, they decided to head straight to the front nine and get in a few holes in before dinner. As the man was getting ready to make his first drive on hole one, he stopped and looked down the fairway and all the way down on both sides were huge houses that had to be worth at least $500,000. He then looked at his wife and said, "Honey, Let's be real careful not to make any mistakes on this course. I would hate to pay for something around here. Some of these windows are probably worth more than my car."
    The man then takes his first swing. SLICE!!!! The ball heads straight for a house and goes through the window. The man looks over at his wife and says, "Let's go see what the damage is."

    They come up to the front door and ring the door bell. I large man opens the door and holds the golf ball up. "Is this yours", he says.

    The husband apologizes and offers the man some money to pay for the window. The large man says, that won't be necessary, please come in my home. He brings the couple to the living room where the window was broken. He said " I am so happy your ball came through that window. Do you see that broken Vase on the coffee table."

    The couple nodded wondering where this conversation was going.

    "I am a genie, and I have been stuck in that damn vase for over 1000 years. You have freed me and for that I am willing to give you each a wish. The third one I will use on my self" The genie looks over to the man and says, "What will your wish be sir?"

    The man replies, "I have always wanted to have my own chain of restaurants"

    The genie says, "Done, You own your own chain of restaurants. Now what can I do for you Mrs.?"

    The women replies, "I have always wanted to own my own chain of Beauty Salons."

    The genie says, "Done, you own your own chain of Beauty Salons."

    The man then looks at the genie and asks, "What is your wish going to be?"

    The Genie replies, "As I said earlier, I have been in that damn vase for over 1000 years and for over a 1000 years I haven't had sex. My wish is to take your wife upstairs and have sex with her for 3 hours."

    The man looks at his wife and they both agreed since they both got what they wanted. The woman and the Genie went upstairs to the bedroom while the man stayed downstairs watching TV. After 3 hours the Genie and the woman start walking back down the stairs.

    The women looks at the genie and says, "That was amazing!

    The genie looks at her and says, "What's amazing is your husband believes in Genies!"
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