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General Mattis Is Wrong

  1. Yes.

    Gen. James Mattis served his country well and with honor. He is, without doubt, an American patriot.

    But that doesn’t give him a pass from his recent anti-Trump diatribe in the Atlantic. This screed was filled with bad history and an apparent willful ignorance of exactly what President Trump has been saying and doing. It is a perfect example of a Washington Establishment figure completely and totally out of touch with the reality of history and facts.......

    ......... With all due respect, the General is simply not paying attention — or, worse, he is paying attention and is deliberately misrepresenting the president to score political points with the Washington Establishment and the Trump-hating media.

    In either case, what Gen. Mattis is doing here is wrong. Seriously wrong, divisive, and totally unworthy of an American patriot.

    More here: https://spectator.org/general-mattis-is-wrong/
  2. So butt-hurt that it has gone to his head.
  3. Would not expect any less from the NWO puppet that he is....
  4. Or stating his honest opinion. Can't fault him for that.
  5. Still, his honest opinion is wrong.

    Really ruined a ton of his street cred, by doing this. He was nearly a deity in this community for a while.
  6. American hero turned into disgruntled former employee. Sad.
  7. He’s a globalist. I knew how he’d behave before he became SecDef.

    Big bad “mad dog” is a whore for globalists. He’s a disgrace
  8. Dudes a democrat, democrats are commies? What’s to tell.
  9. Your right. I'm sure General Mattis is a communist.
  10. He’s a communist???? It wasn’t long ago that GT members were singing his virtues.
  11. I wouldn't expect to see that mistake twice.
  12. So a guy who worked directly with Trump knows less of what he's been doing than we do?
  13. Nope, I'd expect to see it a few dozen times. In fact I already have. I've been here since 2003 and the list of GTPI heroes turned globalist enemy of the people is long indeed.
  14. Looks like some of the posters here didn't read the article.
    Oh, and in addition to the 1968 unrest, you can add that Abraham Lincoln sent troops into NYC during the draft riots of 1863. One of the regiments sent fresh from the Gettysburg battlefield was the 19th Indiana.
  15. GT is very fickle.
    TDS is very real on the trump side also.
  16. It's amazing how quickly our Heroes turn into Leftist Communist's with a turn of the Trump.
  17. It has nothing to do with with knowledge and everything to do with his politics.
    He was fired because he was not serving the President, he was serving the neocons and the military industrial complex.
    He wanted war with Syria. A country that has done absolutely nothing to us, we helped destabilize it and happens to be a modern country by Arab standards.
    The Syrian President tolerates and protects religious minorities including Christians and if the Christians are on his side, it's good, considering the genocide Christians have suffered in Arab countries.
    I have no use for this man regardless of his background.
  18. Mattis.

    How many former flag officers have to criticize the President's actions before we begin to accept they might have a point?
  19. Well, it depends.
    How many times did they criticize Bush?
    Let's see, under Bush we invaded Iraq to look for non existing WMDs, killed large number of people, we had thousands of our own lilled, a lot of suicides, very large numbers of wounded, many scarred for life, and lousy health care for our vets.
    At the same time his great achievement was to make Iraq ally of Iran.
    I still remember Powell lying at the UN about WMDs.
    I'm not impressed by your heroes.
  20. Mattis dosen`t mattis to us much anymore. He was a deep stater that NEEDED to be fired.
  21. Their point? Their point is that it seems to bear witness to an old military saying: Anything above O5 is pure politics. How many on that list got fired from their staff positions? How many made their reputations on the backs of enlisted personnel they sent to their deaths? If we're going to go there let's really go there!
  22. Where did I write they're my heroes?
  23. Out of curiosity, who could criticize the President and have you accept it as potentially valid? Is there anyone or do you hold him as above reproach?
  24. Who?

    How many of them built a wall around mexico? Huge tariffs on chinese goods? Pulled out of the european money pit green BS? Renegotiated trade with can and mex.

    And pissed off the lib tards in record numbers?
  25. Common refrain on this forum. If you disagree with Trump you get called names

    I've been called a commie, clown, comrade, antifa scum, stupid and several other things because my opinion doesn't line up with theirs. I haven't complained about this, but it just confirms my suspicion that many Trump supporters identify with him in that way.
  26. Was the DU shut down..? Seems we have some TDS visitors in here.
  27. I agree. It is reoccurring. It isn't a great commentary on critical thinking.

    Editing to clarify: I'm not calling out snerd's original post. He gave Mattis credit for being a patriot, but is calling out his actions as misguided and/or wrong. I have zero issues with that. I'm speaking more about the knee-jerk "he's a communist" type of comments.
  28. There a numerous people who point out his failings and mistakes, some of them on this forum, myself included. However, from a national perspective, generally I when I look at who's doing the complaining, I try to look to the motivation for that complaint. Is it to gain political points? Do they perhaps harbor a personal grudge? Are they just jumping on the bandwagon to get in with the current "cool kids"? Perhaps if everyone wasn't in the habit of just wholesale accepting what somebody says as fact just because of who they are things all over might be a little better. I tend not to put a lot of stock in people's rhetoric if they are pushing a certain agenda, such as General Mattis. Perhaps checking out his attitude about pulling out of Afghanistan and the whole region and the fact that what he said was going to happen didn't might just have played a part in his latest hissy fit. Remember, there was probably a reason he was fired by TWO presidents, who had polar opposite viewpoints. If that alone doesn't make you wonder, it should.:flag:
  29. very fair and good point.
  30. My understanding is Mattis couldn't get on board with President Trump's widely-stated position of reducing U.S. military presence around the world, especially in regard to the unending wars in the Middle East and Near Asia. Which is why he finally had to be ousted.

    Knowing that was a platform position of Trump's ever since he came down the Trump Tower escalator, and among the reasons he got elected, Mattis should have politely refused to join the administration.

    But globalists gotta be globalists.

  31. He lost credibility with me when he claimed Trump is the first divisive POTUS in that recent interview. Guess he took a long nap during Barry's eight years. Just shows he has no idea what he's talking about.
  32. I talked to a retired Marine the other day. I asked him if he was still a Marine. Once a marine always a marine, he said. I asked him how mattis could disrespect his commander and chief, then?
  33. Most of those Generals belong to the Washingtom Bubble. They have to keep all past policies inside the Bubble. Trump is outside of the Bubble, and can't be let in.
  34. Knowing and living and working in that cesspool of a bubble is the only way one makes flag rank. Did the general actually cite any terrible outcomes from President Trump's policies with regards to defense? Did he say how he thinks things would be better off if the President had taken his advice and ramped up or kept up Afghanistan and raced into another adventure in Syria?
  35. I'm thinking that Mattis, Powell, etc... - retired military general officers - are many times linked to the military/industrial complex. Many retire into lobbying efforts in DC. There's huge money in millitary appropriations. Trump wants a strong military, but he doesn't want to deploy or remain deployed in some foreign, tribal, spat.

    It saves many lives and bodies of young people. But it also saves equipment - thus that equipment doesn't have to be replaced ($). Also, I'm not sure of this but... If we don't have a war or action every few years, young officers don't get combat experience and promotions. If we went 30 years without a fight, our top commanders would have no combat experience. People take care of their own - maybe retired military is watching out for the next generation - don't know.

    But as with all things - follow the money.
  36. Much respect for his service, but the more we see going on the more I see connections that may have not been so visible before. He may not be a communist, BUT he is obviously on the same side as the communists. He’s not on America’s side, at least not in this instance.
  37. Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, Hannity(maybe). There’s a couple.
  38. An honest opinion based in falsehoods is not an honest opinion. Mattis completely writes off the rioters and Looters as "a small number of lawbreakers" which is a lie.

    The following opinion piece is based on facts rather than the sort of falsehoods that support a political agenda, and whether of not Mattis shares that agenda, he is nonetheless supporting it either out of blind allegiance, or gross stupidity.

    Liberal Mush from The Mad Dog

    By Patrick Buc June 05, 2020hanan

    In his statement to The Atlantic magazine, former Defense Secretary General James Mattis says of the events of the last 10 days that have shaken the nation as it has not been shaken since 1968

    "We must not be distracted by a small number of lawbreakers." Is "a small number of lawbreakers" an apt description of wilding mobs who have showered cops with bottles, bricks and rocks in 40 cities, looted stores in the hundreds, torched police cars, and injured dozens of Secret Service personnel defending the White House?

    Is "a small number of lawbreakers" the way a patriot would describe anti-American anarchists who desecrated the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial on the Mall and the Korean War Memorial and tried to burn down the Church of the Presidents in Lafayette Square?

    Was the sacking of Georgetown, Rodeo Drive in LA, 5th Avenue in New York and 40 city centers, the work of a few "lawbreakers"? Is that a good description of the people who gravely wounded that cop in Las Vegas and shot four cops and murdered that retired black police chief in St. Louis?

    The protesters, says Mattis, are "rightly demanding ... Equal Justice Under Law." This is a "wholesome and unifying demand -- one that all of us should be able to get behind."

    But what does the general think of the methods and means the "protesters" have used -- the massive civil disobedience, the blocking of streets, the vilification of police, the contempt for curfews. What does the general think of protesters who provide moral cover for insurrection?"Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people," says Mattis. Trump "doesn't even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us."

    But it was not Trump who divided America in this racial crisis.

    The nation was united in revulsion at the criminal cruelty that led to George Floyd's death. The nation was united in backing an enraged people's right to protest that atrocity. What divided America were the methods and means protesters began using in the first hours of the Minneapolis riot -- the attacks on cops with bottles, bricks and Molotov cocktails.

    In Mattis' statement, one finds not a word of sympathy or support for the police bearing the brunt of mob brutality for defending the communities they serve, while defending the constitutional right of the protesters to curse them as racist and rogue cops. "Keeping public order rests with civilian state and local leaders who best understand their communities and are answerable to them," not to the military, says the general. Correct. But what happens when mobs run wild to where a governor of New York is denouncing the NYPD for failing to protect the city from anarchy and is threatening to replace the mayor for failing to put down the insurrection.

    In July 1967, the 82nd Airborne was sent into Detroit to put down the riot. In 1968, there were federal troops in D.C. to stop the rioting in the wake of Dr. King's assassination. In the violent protests of the Nixon era, U.S. airborne troops were brought into the basement of the Executive Office Building. The general quotes James Madison: "America united with a handful of troops, or without a single soldier exhibits a more forbidding posture to foreign invaders than an America disunited."

    And how, General, did that work out for Madison when the "foreign invaders" arrived in Maryland in August 1814, marched up Bladensburg Road, and burned the Capitol and White House and Alexandria, while "Little Jimmy" fled out the Brookville Road?

    If memory serves, it was Gen. Andrew Jackson and the troops he pulled together for the Battle of New Orleans who defeated the British and saved the Union. "Society cannot exist," wrote Edmund Burke, "unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without.

    "It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters."

    That is where we are now. Society and civilization are on the line.

    If mob tactics are now how we change laws and alter public policy, the democratic republic is dead and we have gone full Third World. Some of us do not believe America is a racist society or that the nation's police, numbering a million men and women, are shot through with anti-black racism.

    Some of us believe the police are the last line of defense we have against that "small number of lawbreakers" Mattis tells us are no problem.

    Did the general actually produce this pile of mush that reads like something out of Ramsey Clark in the 1960s? My guess: Mattis, an obedient servant of President Trump for two years, has been persuaded that the wind is blowing the other way and his "place in history" demands that he get himself on the correct side.

    The general has just defected to the resistance.

  39. You realize your making the point of those that say any criticism of Trump is wrong and the critics must be communists right? Let's start out simple: President Trump has never knowingly told a lie. True or False?
  40. Here's a thoughtful op-ed by a former military man...


    Op-eds by military officers disparaging President Trump give the appearance of a coup

    By Joseph Myers - - Tuesday, June 9, 2020

    In my over 30-year career in the Army I have witnessed war, protests at home and abroad, and a coup d’etat. I spent a career defending civil liberties almost half of it in Latin America. My mission there was to help deepen the democratic ethos and professionalism of the host military to respect civilian authority and act within their laws. I lectured my counterparts how our FBI was a bulwark of our democracy safeguarding our civil liberties in America.

    In my life, I never thought I would witness what had all the appearance of a Praetorian coup in my own country involving senior Obama administration officials abusing police powers and intelligence authorities. That has now been followed by a group of prominent, senior retired flag and general officers engaged in Praetorianism themselves. Their conduct is dangerous to our republic.

    (more at link above)