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    Apr 14, 2007
    thank you for a great site and a great place to find help.
    I guess I would like to now some of the does and don't and I'm not sure if this are dumb questions but 1]the avator is that the little icon at the left side or picture and can that be changed at any time?
    2]what is a sigline?3]and what is aloud and not? I'm sure of a few things like swearing and being rude to other people but I would like to just what is acceptable and not!

    Thanks Again
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    1) Yes, the little picture is called an Avatar, and you can change it to a "custom" one after you reach a certain number of posts. I'm not sure, it may be either 10 or 100 posts.

    2) The Signature Line (SigLine for short) is the text near the bottom of each of your posts, that Glock Talk's software will add automatically for you, so you don't have to type it every time (like signing a document). Some folks put their hobbies, some folks their favorite guns, others a list of clubs they belong to, and still others have quotes or biblical references. If you go to the second menu bar near the top of each Glock Talk page, and click on the "User CP" link (near the red Donations link), and then select "Edit Profile" from the menu bar on the next page, then you'll see the "Signature" block about halfway down on that page page. Enter your text in the box to the right of "Signature", then go to the bottom and click the "Submit Modifications" button, and it should save and display it every time you post.

    3) Here is a link to Glock Talk's rules and Terms Of Service:
    Just follow these rules (and the spirit of these rules) at all times and you won't have any problems. It's been said that we're all a guest here in Eric's house, so don't say or post anything you would say or show as a guest in another person's home, and you'll probably be okay.

    Hope this was helpful.