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General flow of traffic in your area; slow, normal, or fast?

  1. Hoping I can convey the questions properly...

    When you drive around in your area doing your shopping, commuting to work, going shooting, or whatever, are the other drivers generally going over the speed limit, under the speed limit, or mostly around the speed limit?

    I grew up in this area and I have no idea if it's always been like this or if I only noticed it after I moved away and then back three years ago.

    Drivers around here incredibly slow, inefficient, and stupid.

    NO ONE goes the speed limit. It is always 2-15mph UNDER the speed limit. EVERYWHERE!!

    If I commute from the town I live in to Moscow, which is 15 miles away on a 2-lane highway with a 60mph speed zone, it takes me 20 minutes.

    There are very few passing areas on the highway, so I end up in a long line of cars going 50mph in a 60mph zone.

    In town, it's maddening to watch people have no idea whose turn it is at a 4-way stop. Or refuse to turn right on red. Or wait a good 3-4 seconds after the light turns green to actually go.

    I've lived in enough states and communities to know that there are bad drivers everywhere. In Iowa, it was similar to this area, but not quite as bad. But in the winter, there were an extreme amount of slide-offs and accidents. Not so here. I've seen maybe 5-6 accidents on my commute all winter. In Iowa, I'd see that many a day. I once drove from Des Moines to Grinnell, about 60 miles of flat, straight roadway. I counted 55 cars in the ditch.

    In Arizona, everyone goes over the speed limit and are generally very aggressive and rude drivers. I saw road rage every time I drove to Home Depot about 3 miles away. I lived there for 7 years before moving here.

    Maybe I'm just used to Arizona drivers now. I've seen 1-2 examples of road rage since moving here, and that has been awesome. But the slow driving is driving me nuts...
  2. Regardless of where I live people seem to drive insanely Efing slow.
  3. +15 mph over the limit whenever possible is normal, freeways or city streets
  4. A LOT of California transplants in Arizona, which I think would explain why everyone drove so fast there. It was great for commuting. Not so much was the road rage that accompanied it...
  5. Pretty average I think, though when I get behind somebody going 20 mph below the speed limit on a two lane country road without an opportunity to pass them, it's more than annoying.
  6. That happens every single time I take highway 95 to Moscow... It's not often 20mph, though. It is usually 5 to 10mph under the limit. Every. Single. Time...
  7. I will refrain fro commenting about NJ drivers.
    my little corner of SC, you get the occasional slow guy, but most are at speed limit / +5
    still some idiots, flying around everywhere, but my days of even getting mad about that are long gone. I am in the right lane, at speed limit. you all enjoy your trip, I know I am and the smile plastered on the dogs face suggests she is too regardless of speed.

    a wrangler on leaf springs with a manual trans is not exactly a car one blasts around town . since I have had her she has seen the interstate once, going to FL. 75 was my cap. you best believe if it is windy and rainy I am well under posted limit... again, in right lane, not blocking. if someone is on my rear and someone is also in left lane prohibiting them from passing I will scoot her up a bit to allow them to pass before dropping it down. rather them get past me instead of tailgating.
  8. As much as I enjoy being able to do 80 on the freeway without worry, the general lack of courtesy and the sheer number of aggressive jerks is irritating.

    Being an AZ transplant in CA, I don't speed very far over in AZ, their highway patrol used to be pretty intolerant of excessive speeding, that may have changed since our family spent much time there decades ago.
  9. Yeah, that wears thin pretty fast. My main commute has little traffic and there can be Sunday mornings when I might only see five other cars on a 35 mile drive. Yet the times where I get behind somebody like I described and between the no passing zones and/or opposing traffic preventing me from passing them, especially when I can't see any good reason they should be traveling that slow is frustrating. Glad it's the exception and not the rule.
  10. Almost everyone and their mother speeds here, I've been doing 85-90 on the interstate and had someone pass me doing 100ish in a Dodge Ram with a U-Haul trailer.
  11. I live in Central FL. We are all over the map. From granny who drives 20 under in the fast lane, to the brown dudes in lowered Civics with fart mufflers, to rednecks who drive however they want regardless of speed limits. I-4 sucks, Orlando sprawl has definitely reached my area. Gotta tough this out for 3 more years- then it's off to some acreage out West.
  12. 20 miles from home is Charlottesville Va. Some jobs take me there or through there. It SUCKS!! Speeders, slow pokes, streets designed by Timothy Leary on acid, tractor/trailers in town. It's been run by Liberals for years. Need I say more?
  13. Most go the speed limit or a couple-5 to 9 above. Ive been hit twice on the same road for speeding, so I usually go 6 over and I have people go around me fairly often. I set the cruise control on the road.

    One thing I noticed in Atlanta is that were was a huge disparity. While most of the traffic flowed at the same rate, you had several people weaving through traffic at unsafe speeds. Sure there are a few that do it here, but there they seemed to take bigger risks. The speed difference was larger and there were more of them.

    I'm just not in as big of a hurry as I used to be.
  14. Traffic usually moves along pretty good here despite snow and ice. Until you get behind granny with no snow tires, or a recent transplant from Texas. Then we slog along 20 or more mph under the speed limit. A mile or more of cars stacked up behind the slow poke.
  15. Smoke, don't y'all have a law that if five or more cars are following, ya gotta pull over or get a ticket?
  16. Windy back roads in hilly Western PA in a rural county. Locals easily drive 10-15 mph over these narrow roads, hugging the berm. Outsiders drive at or below the limit. The elderly drive 10 below and annoy both. Tractors and Combines are often on the road during harvest seasons, and sometimes you have to pull off the roads to make way, and they go REAL slow.

    Drive to nearest suburban area with shopping and entertainment, and everybody drives like an idiot.
  17. Being a suburb of CA, 5+ over is the norm here in LV for surface streets. 10-15+ seems to be norm on divided interstate/beltway.

    But NOT School Zones!

    When I was a kid visiting Grandparents back in the late 60's, there was no speed limit on the highways out in the boondocks in NV. I always wondered how fun, safe, good, bad or not that would or could be... Freedom. To die quickly...
  18. The problem around here is a lot of people speed and a lot of people don't. Makes for a dangerous situation much of the time when you have idiots driving 95 a few lanes over from idiots driving 50.

    I usually drive one lane over from the fast lane and usually drive 79mph. I use the fast lane to pass people driving slower than 79mph. Notice I did not refer to the fast lane as the passing lane. That's because people around here just use it as another lane. No one has the idea that's it's suppose to be a passing lane except for me, lol.
  19. I live on the east side of town.
    Traffic here is better than the west side.
  20. Drivers are pretty good in my area about maintaining or even exceeding the speed limit. The only complaint I have is that they waste a lot of time sitting at an intersection before moving when the light turns green. Maybe, they just need to finish their text while stopped.
  21. This post reminds me of my MIL (may she RIP). She lived in Florida; and would often drive to Georgia to visit us. In those days, I-75 was two lanes in each direction and the national speed limit was 55mph. She refused to drive in the right lane; because it was "so rough from those big trucks tearing it up". I loved to get a rise out of her by telling her that she really shouldn't hold up traffic by hogging the fast lane. Her reply was always the same..."I'm not holding up traffic. I always set my cruise control on 56. The speed limit is 55, no one needs to be driving any faster than me".
  22. Yeah. Never happens though. In the summer when the tourist show up after driving the Alcan, it is suddenly Ma's turn to drive the road barn. They drive like they think we are on vacation too.
  23. There aren't enough choices here. I live in Florida while some drivers are slow, and some are fast, most are what I refer to as half-fast (read quickly).
  24. Ludicrous speed around here.

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  26. To illustrate the hell in which I live in regards to slow drivers, here are some pictures I took today on my drive into Moscow on hwy 95. Actually was able to pass the first person only to encounter the next one a couple of miles later... IMG_20170127_144953881.jpg IMG_20170127_145534502.jpg
  27. 60mph zone, BTW.
  28. Those slow drivers in front of me are all morons.
    Those fast drivers passing me are all maniacs.
    Am I the only one who knows how to drive in Floriduh?
  29. Both.

    Speed limit 55. Most people drive 70, including the police. Every so often you get stuck in a line of cars, held up by someone going 35.

    This someone may be a purple hair grandma, a texting teen, a tractor or combine, or a normal but oblivious person who didn't see the sign increasing speed from in town who doesn't understand why everyone is piled up behind them, if they even bother to look.
  30. And on the way home... IMG_20170127_170115362.jpg
  31. 16298772_1459836657383052_833030890591717098_n.jpg
  32. There are no rules around here. teenage and old man dragsters, tractors, horses, loose cows on the county road, mini dirt bikes with 7 yr olds and no helmet, adults with no helmets or shirts on mini dirt bikes showing the 7 year olds how to really do it, golf carts, ATV's and lawn mowers. I stay home as much as I can.
  33. Traffic around here seems pretty normal