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Gen4 triggers, me or.....

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Hello gents, I wanted to post some observations and see if I am not alone in my findings. So I picked up a VERY gently used Gen4 G32 for a song and a dance. Performed the usual sight swap, talon grips etc... then decided to try a flat faced trigger. I had always thought the gen4's trigger wasn't as crisp/nice and more "spongy" than the gen 3 but figured I could circumvent this issue by simply installing a gen3 trigger bar along with my new trigger. Well it didn't take away the longer pre-travel or sponge after wall feel of the gen4. I still like the gun and the flat trigger but it just isn't a gen3 feel even with that trigger bar. I left everything else stock, just polished the heck outta the connector, crucifix, plunger etc. Whatever the other differences are I certainly don't know I only know the feel just isn't as nice as a gen3 with the same treatment.
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