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Gen4 G19 suppressed hotness(pics)

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As much as I dislike AAC's business practice....I ran across a deal too good to pass up on a NIB AAC TIRANT 9mm silencer. I'll leave my Osprey's on my HK's and leave the round cans on the Glocks.

Product info:
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Best pictures of a Ti-Rant I've ever seen. Thanks.

Much better than they have on AAC's web site!!
Why thank you. I drove an hour today to my dealer to take those, as there is a photo contest coming up Dec 1-8 at

And I'm no photographer, those were taken with a Sony DSC-W170 and a steady hand. lol
Man, I really want this setup for HD.
Wow,....sweet pics! :thumbsup:
How quite is it when you shoot it? I've been thinking about getting a can for my m&p special ops for about a year. That's why I bought it, but I've never heard one with a can before. Are they pretty quite in 9mm? Sorry if I'm messing up your thread but I was just wondering? I love the pics by the way!! It makes me want to do the paper work and get one!!!
excellent pics! that is a sexy looking gun with that silencer put on.
Standard Glock sights are too short for a suppressor? Yes?
To answer Q's:

Suppressors are worth it, my buddy has a suppressed spec ops (spec ops in action ) and its a nice setup. And the sights are too short but that can be changed or just shoot "through" the can.

and I cant believe I forgot to get pics of the X200B on it......ahh poo.
Wow, that's nice looking! :supergrin:
Man, I really want this setup for HD.
I agree, I have one of my suppressed setups at bedside every night....just depends on my mood for which setup. I also use it in the middle of the night to dispatch armadillos when they tear up my landscaping.:whistling:

My neighbors love me for it.
Your right, that is hot.

I'm planning on having a 4th gen G23 sometime in the next week or so. I'll likely have a Lone Wolf conversion bbl with it threaded for my can, a Gemtech Multi-Mount.

It currently gets used on my 1st gen G17.
Flame suit on.................Why on Earth would you "advertise" that you had one??????:dunno::dunno::upeyes:
Can't wait to put it up to my osprey9mm, so far silencerco still takes the cake as far as customer service, innovation, and looks. The tirant is the only other can that comes close.
Flame suit on.................Why on Earth would you "advertise" that you had one??????:dunno::dunno::upeyes:

Lol.....ummm...why not? Its legal...or are ya still living under a rock? And I mean that in a joking way. Silencers are very much legal.

Educate yourself. and
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