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Gen4 G17 got a happy switch....

  1. One of the fun things about being an 07/02 is being able to do demos for Pd’s and when they request a demo on some guns I ask myself “are you nuts?!” And other times it’s more like a “by all means YES!!!”

    Well I got in a Post Sample conversion plate to turn an ordinary Glock small frame into a machine pistol. Had to do some fitting so it would work, but it was worth it. Gotta say this thing rose quickly on the list of guns I enjoy shooting!

    View: https://youtu.be/AjUlrLiT85E
  2. DAMN! Ammo eater, me want.
  3. I borrowed a friend’s Colt 1911 which did the same thing. It’s not as fun when it’s unexpected.

    According to some employees at GT’s a few cops in Georgia carry Glock 18s. Beats me why they would want to, but that’s their business.
  4. they like to get out of trouble quicker than they got into it?
  5. I want to build a full auto Colt 1911 similar to that of what Baby Face Nelson used
  6. I can’t even believe you would say that??? Who wouldn’t want one.
  7. I'm referring to carrying one for police work. What cop would want the added liability nowadays? For a toy? Absolutely.
  8. When my AF Gen 1 with black internals went full auto in 1990 I had a lot more muzzle rise, so much some rounds went in to the indoor range ceiling.

    It wasn’t a planned event and I had zero FA experience. Glock Smyrna replaced every internal part the next day.

    Thanks for sharing what a Glock firing full auto should look like.
  9. If you are legal then I would. It has simi as well. You never know when you need fire superiority. Especially now days
  10. That would definitely pucker some bad guys rear ends when they heard it go off.
  11. I'd love to have one of these! So so so much.
  12. Would be fun to try out with my 17.5C! Email sent.
    0911A863-E740-4A15-95FE-BF0372C99F28.jpeg 3975F01D-9230-4E2B-A9CC-3FB8517A73F6.jpeg 09482E41-2C2D-48B9-9534-6B6685480DF3.jpeg
  13. It’s a 17 ported to match the 18C. I figured it was somewhere in between so I made it a 17.5C :animlol: