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It took about 3 weeks for the pistol to come home. I sent it in for spitting brass cases in my face. I haven't had a chance to test it out or take it apart and really examine it to see what they did to it. The packing slip said inspected, upgraded, tested, passed or something like that. I think they may have replaced the extractor, but that is only a guess. The pistol rattles a little more now, not really sure why and I don't care as long as it performs like older Glocks I've shot in the past.

While it was there, I also asked them to install Glock Factory night sights, which they did and as far as I can tell did a good job doing. The pistol came back bone dry with most of the coppered color grease gone - I think they maybe degreased the slide before they installed the sights, but that is only a guess. Sights seem on straight and it looks as if they originally came on the pistol. For $57, I think they are a nice priced upgrade. Hopefully, I'll get to shoot it this weekend and report back how it did. I was really hoping my new AR would be here by the weekend too, but it looks like I'll have to wait till next Monday.

If you aren't sending your pistol in for warranty work, you can send just the slide in to have night sights installed (which will make shipping far less expensive). I only mention this due to the enormously long thread about Glockmeister and the unhappy customer. I'm not taking a side in that thread, just thought I would throw it out there.
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