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Gen 5's Softer shooters?

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I bought a new gen 5 g19 the other day. I took it to the range tonight and put 150 flawless rounds through it. The trigger feels better to me than a gen 3 or 4 and it is a softer shooting gun. My three shooting buddies all experienced shooters agree. What did Glock do to soften the recoil?
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I only have two Glocks, one a Gen 4 G26 and the other a G33. I would like to compare the Gen 5 G26 to mine to see if it shoots softer. I'm not well versed in Glocks, but I have read it uses the same recoil spring assembly as the Gen 4. If that is the case, they would probably feel about the same. Still, I hope to shoot a Gen 5, just to see.
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