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Gen 5 vs "M" Guns

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Is there any difference between the gen 5 guns sold to the public and the "M" pistols sold to the FBI?
Thanks, Sam
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There are doubtless many Gen5 G17 and G19 pistols brand new in Glock dealer inventory everywhere with the original TMH/E, while no doubt all Gen5 G19X/G26/G34 pistols in dealer inventory have the new TMH/E. I'd be willing to bet that Gen5 G17/G19 pistols leaving the factory right now use TMH/E 47208/47021, regardless of what FRM-72-26 says. :)
The G17 I bought last week has the old 30274 and matched/beveled dust cover. The dealer said it had just been delivered the day I bought it and they have a pretty decent throughput.

Any idea why they changed the ejector? What's the functional difference?
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