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Gen 5 stock vs Ameriglo Agent rear sight contour lines

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Just an observation.

I thought the OEM polymer sight that came on my 17.5 was just a dumb idea to make it so narrow. So much so I even purchased a Gen 1-4 rear sight to replace it.

I replaced the sights with a set of Ameriglo Agent GL5517 a few weeks ago (BTW,they are on sale again!). They are just the like FBI contract sights.

The narrow rear sight totally makes since now. It blends in to the top contours of the slide perfectly. Great design.
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I really like the Ameriglo Agents. I didn't think I'd dig them at first, but that big red front sight is fast to get on target. I really enjoyed shooting it at the range and is making me consider trying out the big diamond Speed Sights.
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I am between the SPARTANS or the AGENT for my 43.
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