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Gen 5 sight issues

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I purchased a gen 5 within the first month of it’s release. It shot great and no reliability issues whatsoever. I switched the plastic sights(6.5 rear) after about about 500 rounds with some Trijicon GL01 bright and tough sights. Big mistake. The groups were still tight but not like before. Then I noticed at 50ft ALL of of my shots were consistently high. I had other experienced shooters shoot the gun with the same results. Strange. I noticed Glock is now putting 6.1 rear sights on the gen 5 G19s.

Yesterday I put the crappy plastic sights back on and now I’m shooting perfect again. This is weird. I TRIED to install 3 different 6.1 rear sights in my dovetail and all were loose and could be pushed out with my fingers.
My old gen 5 6.5 rear pushed right back in and stayed put.

So.... My question is, what is the correct height for the gen 5 19?
Does anyone know the height on the new Ameriglo Agent gen 5 sights?


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From what I've read, gen 4 front is different
from the gen 5.

Hence the different part number for the
Ameriglo "Agent sight" on Brownells.

Glock does not stock gen 5 sight yet
for online purchase.

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