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Gen 5 reassembly and recoil spring

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Hello. New guy, to both the platform and the forum, here with a newbie question. I got my first G19 (gen 5), and I’ve been field striping and putting it back together as i get acquainted with it. I noticed that the recoil spring is fairly hard to compress to take out, and when i put it back I didn’t really see any notch to make sure the rounded segment stays flush against the rounded marching part of the slide (I made sure it was flush and then put it back together). When I stripped it again it seemend that the spring had moved a bit (the rounded part of the spring wasn’t any longer perfectly flush against its matching part on the slode).

Is this normal, and is there any possibility that the recoil spring may move out of place when firing? That is to say, is there any concern about putting anything wrong with the recoil spring if the teigger and slide seem to operate normally after reassembly?

To my knowledge, the slide is operating as expected after reassembly (going to battery, etc).

Thanks for your time!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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