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Gen 5? No thanks

  1. Was out & about & finally got a chance to fondle a Gen 5 (I know I'm what, like 3 years late to the party?) The grip just does nothing for me.
    My 19.3 just has the right "shape" (never thought I'd ever describe a Glock as having a shape )
    My only other exp with newer Glocks was a 19.4 (bought it when they first came out) and it felt good in the hand, but it's the only Glock I've ever had a jam with. That one went bye-bye since it was gonna be a carry gun-and I've never before & never since had a problem with ANY Glock. Looks like it's all .3's for me!
    Didn't figure I'd be a crotchety old man already at 45 years old...
  2. Personally, I love the Glock grip but could not come to terms with the finger grooves. I like my fingers tight together and the grooves just didn't fit. Painstakingly, my Gen 4's are flat, now, on the front straps and are adorned with granulated tape, not that sissy kid stuff. If I were to own a Gen 5, it would have to have the granulate on the front and rear straps...the finger grooves not being there would be a definite plus.
  3. Been carrying and competing with Glocks since 1994 and no longer own any 3’s or 4’s.

    All GEN5 for me.
  4. But you’re missing out on having a wonderful 357 Sig [emoji23]

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  5. You get to choose what you like, but a jam with a new 19.4 probably happened with about the same frequency as jams with a 19.3 or 19.5. No gun is perfect. I would be slow to assume a gun made by Glock (or any major dealer) is unreliable based upon a small data set.

    While I do like my Gen 3's a lot, have Gen 4's, and don't see a big need to rush to Gen 5's, I would trust any of them to be completely reliable firearms. All of them have some features I prefer, and some I don't prefer.

    Someday, perhaps Glock will put all the features I want (and none that I don't want!) on the same gun. Until then, we straddle generations, and decide which one we like the most.
  6. I rather like the Gen5 so far, though I could do without the ambi slide release. And I am at 62 the epitome of the crotchety old man. The grip is perfect for me. I am not fond of the look of the front serrations, but do like their function.
  7. Prefer my Gen 5 G17 without finger grooves.
  8. Though I'll still say my first gen 17 (born in '89) feels best of all. I know people whine & complain about the grip not having enough/any texture, but I've never had an issue with it. Even with sweaty hands!
    I thought I saw somewhere (possibly a post here?) that Glock was still making, or had available some brand new guns with gen 3 frames. Or am I crazy/imagining things (again)?
  9. You can still find new Gen 3 and 4 Glocks on the Internet.
  10. You're not as old and crotchety as I am. That gen 5 shape will grow on you.
  11. Love my Gen 5's! My G3 21 ain't too bad either!
  12. Gen 5 G44 works for me, but sometimes I come up to target with everything and sights are lined up over the top of the bull. That might just be a G19 grip's tendancy? Full sized pistols don't do it as bad. I really haven't fired any GLOCK and not like it though.
  13. My first Glock was a G17.2. Bought it used. Had a bit of holster wear but shot like a champ. I became an instructor using that pistol and shot thousands of rounds through it. Foolishly traded it off for something else years later, should have hung on to it. And I don't recall any issues with a slippery grip, even in the Florida summer.

    I've had several Gen 3 Glocks in various calibers and a Gen 2.5 in G26. All were great, except I'm one of the folks that can't stand finger grooves on a compact sized Glock. I can shoot them, but they just aren't comfortable. Full and sub-compact for some reason are okay, just don't like the compact sized finger grooves.

    Everything I have now is either Gen 4 (G26 and G22) or Gen 5 (G19FS and 19X). I very much like the grip texture on the Gen 4's and 5's and I especially like the back straps. I normally put the medium sized beaver tail on all my Glocks. And best of all, no finger grooves on the G19FS and 19X! Personal preference. If/when they come out with a Gen 5 in G23 I'll likely be all over it.
  14. I really liked the Gen 5 last time I was on the range trying out the G17. I didn't care for the older ones with the finger grooves.
  15. The finger groove thing is so interesting. I learned to shoot on gen3 Glocks, and really don't notice the lack of grooves when I shoot guns that don't have them. Nor do I notice the presence of grooves when I go back to my Glocks.

    I wonder if I would notice the grooves if I'd initially learned to shoot guns without them.
  16. I went all in on gen 5 Glocks when they were released. The Gen 3 Glocks are for California and the Gen 4 Glocks are being discontinued this summer so get them while you can.
  17. I like my gen 5 17 but my last Glock purchase was a gen 4 because they don’t make gen 5 in 45 ACP.
  18. I would not get rid of a gun that had “a” jam. Semi-autos jam, that’s why we train to clear them. Now, if I had a jamomatic gun that consistently jammed, that would be another story.

    Anyway, I’ve handled, but not shot a couple gen 5s. They seemed ok, and if the right deal presented itself, I’d buy one. As it is, I’m happy with the gen 4 26 I currently own and see no reason to “upgrade”.
  19. Like many here I have multiple Glock's form various generations. I ask if you have large hands? Average hands? Small hands? I have 2XL hands and I can shoot the Gen 2 3 4 a ok and I do like them but I picked up a G45 and OH MY!!!!!! PERFECT! I didn't think the removal of the finger grooves would be THAT noticeable. I was wrong. Huge difference. Enough I may be selling at least 1 17 and 19 to pick up Gen 5's. I am also dying for the 40 cal brother to the 45X.
  20. The Gen 5 is by far Glock’s best gun. ‘Nuff said.
  21. I don't care for Gen 5 because of the ambi slide lock (adds width and potential snag points) and the front flared grip frame on the G19... and I happen to like the finger grooves.

    Also, someone commented on the Gen4 being discontinued this summer? Very doubtful of that!
  22. Doubt all you like, but it’s true.

    The GEN4’s are going the way of the dodo bird.
  23. So like 1/16 of an inch adds *snag problems*, I don’t think so Tim. And it’s very easy to convert to a single non-ambi slide release if you so desire.
  25. To clarify, it wasn't just "a" jam, it was with different Glock factory mags & ammo. If a screamin deal on a .4 came up, I'm sure I'd jump on it.
    My hands are on the smallish size-not quite girly man size. The backstrap that came on the .4 fit me just fine (just like my .3) and I planned on trying it out without that one (making it smallest) but after the range nightmare, decided to just scrap that idea.
    The other thing with the .5's, have they seriously NOT released anything other than 9mm (aside from the model 44)? Are they planning on it??? I could MAYBE see where they'd be slow on stuff with a smaller market like .45 GAP, .357 SIG, and even 10mm (no offense to anybody), but c'mon now Gaston, no .40's or .45's???
  26. IMHO, **overall** the current production Glock Gen 5 9mm pistols are the best pistols Glock has ever made. If you don’t agree with that, that’s okay, you are just not that far advanced yet.
  27. .357sig and 10mm have seen a resurgence...and the .45acp drudges on.

    But the .40 continues to disappear into the abyss.
  28. Thanks for answering. Has to fit you or no buneo!

    I myself am really puzzled at the gen 5 only in 9mm. I could understand a slow and limited roll on the 357 and 10mm as it isn't the big sellers but no way they should be lacking on the gen 5 40's. I'd guess 45 would be next up for gen 5 treatment but just a guess.
  29. Your doubt is wrong.
  30. The sales of .40's has decreased quite a bit in recent years as LEA's replace them with 9mm pistols.
  31. I was gonna mention the bigger demand for 9 over .40 because of all the LE market switching back-that was
    I was thinking the same thing about dragging their feet on the .40's
  32. Yeah...it's called a Gen4, ha!
    And regarding Gen4 going the way of the dodo bird... I'll bet they will be available for many years to come... witness the never ending Gen 3 models (and please don't tell me the Gen3 is "for the California market)
  33. Would you like to make a small wager on the Gen 4 Glocks being available/made for many years since you said "I'll bet"?
  34. LOL. Liking what you like and disliking what you don't like doesn't sound like you're being a crotchety old man, it just means that you're being truthful and realistic with yourself. And just because a new model of something comes out doesn't mean that it's any better or more suited to you then whatever preceded it. So if you like Gen 3's then that's that, end of report ;)
  35. These are true statements BUT we make GLOCK a lot of money in sales. Sick that they are making us decide a caliber v generation of options. I love Glock. My first LE job in MA i was issued a Sig 229. Loved it. Took me awhile when I transferred to NY and was issued a G17. It was a G3. We moved to G4 G22. I was lucky I was sent to Sig H&K Glock and S&M M&P schools.

    My take and it's just me. I appreciate he reliability of Glock and I get they are slow kinda Toyota like roll out with new tech. I truly love H&K USP's. The compact models are so comfortable in the hand (at least mine). I mention H&K as as much as I love their USP line I despise how horrid they have been with innovation and new models. I refuse to buy anything H&K as they have paved a road to failure. Just MHO. I appreciate Glock finally getting out of that rut and offering some innovative handguns. Just want more!
  36. Old stock and used? Sure
    New production? Nope

    You continue to offer wagers on a subject you apparently know little [to nothing] about.

    Good thing you aren’t actually allowing folks to follow thru on your offers.
  37. <shaking my cane over my head>
    You kids get off my lawn with your fancy brand new generation Glock space guns! But unlike my dad, I'll keep my "jungle music" (rock & roll)
  38. Had a 27.3 didn’t care for it then jumped into a 21.4, 19.4 summer special, 26.4, 29.4. When I was In the market for a 3 gun pistol I went 34.5 because of fully enclosed slide and to try a gen 5. Maybe I’m accustomed to the finger grooves but even with talon grips I don’t think the 34 sticks to my hand as well as the gen4s and I didn’t see any Improvement in the trigger over my 4s. I’m actually half way on the hunt for a 17.4 summer special before they all completely disappear.
  39. The Gen 4 is being discontinued only to be brought back as the new and improved Gen 6... :dancingbanana:
  40. I've owned Glock Gen 3 pistols for a while now and when Gen 4 pistols were introduced it didn't pique my interest. Getting the latest version of the Glock platform won't make me a better shooter. It would just lighten my wallet. Mi dos centavos. Enjoy and be safe.

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  41. Not that we have much choice in California, but I'm very pleased with Gen 3 so far
  42. I still like my gen2s and 3s, I do have a gen4 G-41, and like it too. I'm not sure what gen my G-43X is, but I like it too.
    I guess you could say I just like Glocks.
    Some of them just don't fit me, 26, & 27. I like the size, it's just not for me.
    I just never got into the 10mm, and 357sig They are fine rounds, I have shot both and liked them.
    I just stuck with what I have, 22, 9, 40, 45.
    They have served me well, and done what I want.
    I have even got away from revolvers, a 38 snub, for my Wife, and one 357 snub for me.
    My 1911s have gone the same way.
    Right now I am thinking about a G-45, just because I don't have one. Or a 1911, because I don't have one.
    Decisions, Decisions. Lol
    Well I have been thinking about that G-45 since it came out, and just haven't pulled the trigger, I am leaning more toward the 1911 mid sized. I carried a Colt Commander, for fifteen years as a LEO. I switched to a G-23 for the last Five years.
  43. Good riddance. All 1’s, 3’s, and 5’s here. The most elegant is still 3, IMO.
  44. Well, if I see an official statement from Glock that Gen4 pistols are being discontinued, I will certainly take that as gospel.
    Perhaps you have a link to an official statement?
    Also, I have no skin in the game, so to speak... I happen to think the Gen4 is the perfect pistol for me, but also love many other pistols from a few other manufacturers.
  45. Lol, you can see the Glock Fan Bois, with numerous comments trying to support their latest decision on Gen 5’s.

    Nothing Glock has made has been Perfect ( a Captain Obvious observation). Gaston has probably run out of earthly time and interest and deserves a restful retirement from the Sales Pitch.

    I believe boredom has replaced common sense. The Forum now laden with Progressives in thought and possibly Politics.

    Anyway, thanks for the entertainment.
  46. Again, LOL. My cane is propped up against the wall in my living room next to the front door. I only use it on very rare occasions when my RA and gout act up in my feetsies or hip. I've been having these issues since my early 50's and am now <gulp> 60 :( but I make the best of it knowing that things could always be worse and I'm very greatful they are not :D

    'Funny you mention rock'n roll, as I grew up listening to what is now called "classic rock", which BTW I can't stand listening to anymore with only very few exceptions like Led Zep, along with some Pink Floyd and Fleetwood Mac. When I was young my Dad would spin jazz vinyl LP's from Stan Kenton, Stan Getz (*he'd listen in the dark living room with the fireplace crackling away with a mug of beer in his hand and Astrud Gilberto singing "The Girl from Ipanema"), Louis Armstrong, etc. on his copper chassis Harman Kardon tube job mono system, and on occasion my Mom would ask him to put on some opera, which he affectionately called "the uproar" LOL...soon thereafter dropping the needle he'd head off to the garage for a beer and apply his cologne, Hoppe's No. 9 :D Whenever I asked him to put on one of my records (e.g., Brain Salad Surgery by ELP) he used to say that it would ruin his Hi-Fi system because of all the crazy highs and extreme lows, LOL.

    Oh those were the days of my yute, fond memories they were too.


    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_1uEy-n4IsU
  47. Why do you subject yourself to such drivel? Wouldn’t you be happier somewhere without Glock in the name?

    Glock Gen 5’s are good pistols as was the previous 4 generations. Not perfect, but about as close as can be made by man. Other brands work well also but why try other brands when Glock works so well and has an aftermarket following like no other.
  48. Lol, again thanks for YOUR entertainment.
  49. For me, it’s Gen5 all the way. Best generation in many respects and, within that generation, the G45 rules them all.

    Also, for those that complain about ambi slide releases, stop being so selfish it was about time they remembered that 13% of shooters are left handed.

    I will shoot to the sound of Stairway to Heaven the next time I go to my club, to celebrate great pistols and superb guitars.
  50. It took the gen 5 to reform me from former glock hater to respecter. Now i have 2 one that i carry. Also, its the gen 5 second gen (gen 6?) i like, at first it was a fail. You get rid of finger grooves and put massive cutout in front of grip? The new ones with no finger grooves and no cutout rule. Once you put new sights on them.

    Really glock, plastic sucks and mos guns need cowitness sights.

    Maybe the offical gen 6 will be all the way there, seems like glock is always one step away which is why there is an aftermarket.