Gen 5 marksman barrel vs Zev vs IGB barrel

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    Jul 25, 2018
    Hi. I'm thinking about upgrading my G19 gen 4. I would like to gain a bit more accuracy. I've read that gen 5 barrel can shrink groups for about 0,5" (25 yards). However in Europe I can buy right now only ZEV barrel, IGB Austria barrel or stock glock barrel. I wanted to buy Barsto match target barrel, but it would cost more than 600 $ and I'd have to wait 6 months at least. Please, don't try to persuade me, that stock glock barrel is accurate enough. Just your personal experience. Can drop-in barrel, like the one from ZEV, increase accuracy? How much? Is it better than gen5 barrel, which already should bring some improvement? Thank you.

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    Jan 3, 2015
    hi, I have a G19 Gen5 that I carry everyday. I was looking into changing the barrel, which shoots absolutely great groups IMO, with one from ZEV or Agency Arms. However, I found out that although people DO install these (Gen 1-4) barrels into the Gen5, and people do install Gen5 barrels (OEM ones as you are asking) into their Gen3-4 G19's.... The Gen5 barrel lugs are different. (Before anyone starts flaming me- YES I know several people who put one in their Gen5 (a match grade Gen4) and it fires... but they haven't had it long and/or haven't put too many shots through it, maybe 150-200; ALSO an Agency Arms AND ZEV armorer BOTH told me they "Do NOT suggest putting any Gen4 barrel into a Gen5 17 or 19, as they have found there is enough difference in the lug to cause 'issues- how quick or how long, they aren't sure yet'".) SO I decided, as my G19 Gen5 is a duty/CCW weapon, its not a good idea, as I do not want a FTF at the worst time possible. I would imagine it applies the other way around, like how you want to put a Gen5 barrel into a Gen4, etc. I have heard of many people doing just that- but I have no idea the "REAL" truth behind it- only what certain people who build custom Glocks and CNC their own parts/barrels have told me...

    IMO if I were you- play it safe, get a match grade barrel- that we know is good, such as: Lone Wolf, Wilson Combat, Agency Arms, ZEV, etc that was designed for your Gen4. You cannot go wrong there my friend! And to answer your question, is one of these aftermarket barrels "better" than the Gen5? I would think that Glock put more into the longevity of the Gen5 barrel (and its ability to shoot well all-around with diff ammo) than they did as much so with 'match grade' thinking... where as the aftermarket barrels, such as the ones mentioned above were made mostly focusing on tight grouping and accuracy. Just my .02 cents, good luck!

    (ALSO if you like threaded barrels, I have a "Premier" (Agency's nicest match barrel) for sale in the "Classified Section" that I just want to get rid of- happy to give you a good deal. Never been fired, came on a custom G19 Gen4 I bought. Good luck!


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    Apr 23, 2018
  4. tall terry

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    Jan 28, 2001
    get a KIM OR BARSTO I guarantee it will out shoot you,,, unless you are an unlimited class shooter, and always finish in the top 10 at matches... well worth the money..
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    Jan 19, 2015
    I got a Marksman G5 barrel, all is well with it, except the crown is recessed in a 90 degree step, back from the end of the barrel, and it bugs me how carbon traces form up in there. Don't want to gouge up a good barrel, but what's a good way to get that out? Doesn't seem to hurt anything, just looks an unfinished clean-up job.