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I'm moving to a new platform so I'm selling my last few Glocks for consistency in training.

The RMR is NOT included, as I'll be using it for another project.

This is a Gen 5 Glock 19 with around 1000 rounds through it. The slide work was done by Battle Werx, and is their "premium" cut that is no longer offered. The RMR sits very low, and due to the way they mill for the optic you get more thread engagement than most other companies. Sights are Ameriglo Suppressor all black.

It also includes front and top serrations, was refinished in black nitride and includes a cover plate for if you aren't using an optic. Will include brand new RMR mounting screws from Battle Werx.

The frame work was done by Polymer Refined and is very grippy without being overly abrasive. The work includes the full stippling, trigger guard undercut, glove bevel for easier trigger reach, and smoothing the front strap cutout for your pinky pleasure.

Also included is a Overwatch Precision PolyDat trigger, and a Tau Development Striker Control Device. I can include the stock trigger as well.



Will include factory box, 3 magazines, and all factory paperwork and accessories.

I have close to $1500 in the gun. There is some very faint holster wear on the front serrations, but otherwise is in fantastic condition.

I'm asking $700 + 25 to have my FFL ship it to your FFL (this is half of my actual cost). Can do FTF near DFW if you have a Texas CHL with no shipping fee. SOLD

Only trade I'm interested in is a Gen 2 Beretta 1301 Tactical.

PM with any questions.
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